Bu(ll)sh(it) Protector ?

Bill Moyer, 73, who served in Korea and Vietnam , and in the post WWII occupation of Germany was seen wearing a “Bullshit Protector” flap over his ear while President George W. Bush addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Idaho on last tuesday.

Great idea bill 🙂

How To: Searching for Warez using Google China

This post is not about encouraging you to download unlicensed software or warez. Use at your own risk.

Finding pirated software is surprisingly easy with Google. Yes, we have astalavista to find the serial numbers and key generators, but it might take you a little more time to find the original setup files, and software that do not use serial numbers to validate the license.

Enter Google. Google China, to be specific.

It?s okay if you don?t read chinese. You just have to know some keywords to download any files successfully, with the success rate of as high as 100% according to this blog. This blog got all the instructions on how to do it. I dont think Google will allow to do this for long.

Google Talk

Google already offers everything from e-mail to social networking. Now the popular search engine is jumping in on another popular form of communication, Google Talk, Google’s new IM/VoIP app. The Google Talk web site has gone live and you can now download Google Talk for Windows. Download Squad has screenshots and a quick review of Google Talk. It’s still in BETA stage but it is cool. so all of u try it and enjoy.

Work load

Been bizy for the last 2 weeks with work. from now i got some time to work on my blog. so u can expect more changes to my blog in the comming weeks.

Hidden Windows Applications

To run any of these apps go to Start > Run and type the executable name (ie charmap).


1. Character Map = charmap.exe (very useful for finding unusual characters)
2. Disk Cleanup = cleanmgr.exe
3. Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd.exe (views contents of Windows clipboard)
4. Dr Watson = drwtsn32.exe (Troubleshooting tool)
5. DirectX diagnosis = dxdiag.exe (Diagnose & test DirectX, video & sound cards)
6. Private character editor = eudcedit.exe (allows creation or modification of characters)
7. IExpress Wizard = iexpress.exe (Create self-extracting / self-installing package)
8. Microsoft Synchronization Manager = mobsync.exe (appears to allow synchronization of files on the network for when working offline. Apparently undocumented).
9. Windows Media Player 5.1 = mplay32.exe (Retro version of Media Player, very basic).
10. ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbcad32.exe (something to do with databases) (more…)

How To: Mp3 ripping in windows Media Player 8 in XP

To enable Mp3 ripping in windows Media Player 8 in Xp , you need to make small changes to the registry. Enter the following in the registry :


This corresponds to 56, 64, 128 and 192 Kbps.

You can change this to your liking using the following dword hex values :

320 Kbps = dword:0004e200
256 Kbps = dword:0003e800
224 Kbps = dword:00036b00
192 Kbps = dword:0002ee00
160 Kbps = dword:00027100
128 Kbps = dword:0001f400
112 Kbps = dword:0001b580
64 Kbps = dword:0000fa00
56 Kbps = dword:0000dac0

thats it enjoy 🙂

Top Five Most Dangerous Places to Blog

Spirit of America‘s has established their list of Top Five most dangerous countries to blog for their information campaign. They are:

Peninsular Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bahrain)

You can read more abt their information campaign here

Snow misses Melbourne CBD lunch appointment

Despite Weather Bureau predictions of a 40 per cent chance of snow in the CBD, lunchtime passed with not a hint of white. Even though ominous-looking cloud banks and fronts swirling around the city, none failed to drop what would have been the CBD’s first snowfall in 20 years. On a Victoria-wide scale, it looks set to be the coldest day this winter. The record for the coldest day with a maximum of 4.4 degrees was set on July 4, 1901. Snow was last recorded in the Melboure CBD on July 25, 1986 – but it had turned to slush by the time it hit the ground. The last time enough fell to be gathered up on city streets was July 1951.