Basic 3 Column Style for k2r167

Now 3 Column k2 got its own page. Check it for all the updates and to get the latest release.

Hello everyone. Iโ€™m happy to announce a 3 column K2 style based on k2betatwor167. Its just a basic switch from a 2 column to 3 column K2. I am not including any extra styling in this release, because i want the K2 users to style it for their liking. I have already modified this basic style on my blog as u can see right now and i want to see more 3 column layouts based on this style. So grab it from here and follow the instructions below to activate the 3 column layout. You can get the K2 theme by Michael, Chris and Zeo from here

I wont be updating this style for svn releases.

The revision four is based on SVN release.

Do not use K2 unless you understand what a beta version is.

Make sure you visit the K2 Support Forum.

Download 3 Column K2

Version 0.9

As of Revision four, you have to upload this style as a new theme. Dont replace the files from this release into your existing theme. Then select the Switch.css from the styles dropdown in K2 Options.


To Install: Unrar and upload the contents of the above .rar file to your “/wp-content/themes/k2/” directory (It just replaces the existing sidebar.php, page-archives.php, style.css and adds couple of images to images folder and places switch.css in your styles folder.)

To Activate: In the WordPress Admin, go to the Presentation tab, then to the K2 Options SubTab, and select the switch.css from the K2 Scheme drop down menu. Click the Update Options button on the bottom of the page. Now you will have basic k2 in 3 columns. If u want your basic 2 column layout back you can select noscheme.css from the K2 Scheme drop down menu and update options. Now you will have your basic 2 column k2.

Now you can see the current revision demo on this Page.

More Information

I will be keeping this post updated with the newest updates. You may see more changes to this basic style from me in future. If there are any problems or if u have any suggestions to improve this style, please leave a comment.

Stay tuned to the K2 forums for a tutorial on how to do this 3 column layout.


Version 0.9.1

    • Updated with the K2 0.9.1 version

      Version 0.9 (Revision Seven). The naming of the releases have been changed to match with the K2 releases.

        • Updated with the stable K2 0.9.

          Revision Six

            • Just updated previous revision latets K2 SVN release.
            • Fixed IE bugs

              Revision Five

                • Added Widgets Support.

                  Revision Four Update

                    • Fixed css issues for sidebar div’s

                      Revision Four

                        • Updated for k2-Beta.2-revision-344.
                        • Added Akismet Spam Count code into functions.php.

                          Revision three Update

                            • The padding at the top of the sidebar in IE was fixed.
                            • The placement of comment count in the sidebarโ€™s latest comments was fixed.
                            • The livesearch widh was fixed.

                              Revision three

                                • Fixed page break in sidebar, updates done in switch.css, sidebar.php, page-archives.php.

                                  Revision two

                                    • Fixed the IE sidebar problem .
                                    • Moved the feeds section on the 3rd column to top.

                                      Revision one

                                      • Initial relase.
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                                      2. Brilliant! I prefer ‘widescreen’ over the ‘long’ designs. I prefer to cram the usual stuff in a nice sidebar. Thanks for your work!

                                      3. Nice job! You might want to “announce” this over at the K2 Forums, I’m sure a lot of people will be very interested in this theme.

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                                      5. That’s a might nice theme you’ve cooked up. Clean, sharp and 3 columns! Like the previous commentor, I prefer using the extra width of my monitor rather than continually scrolling to look at more info. Keep up the good work!

                                      6. Oh, thank u for this brilliant and beautiful work, I saw the thread about your blog on the K2 Community Forums, and I was waiting for this release. Now we will the styling of our new test and hope definitive template-site

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                                      8. Thanks for the release. I really cant wait to try out this release but I cant download a .rar file here in my office. Can you be kind enough to release another version in .zip or probably email it to me? Thanks again for making this great relaase.

                                      9. Thanx Guys for all your support. I am sure there are some bugs in it. So, please leave ur comments here if u find anything wierd. I will release the same style with more modifications over the weekend.

                                        Taquil: I announced it in K2 forums. ๐Ÿ™‚

                                      10. How do I make the them look more like yours? Smaller header, shadows, page links on the right, etc.

                                      11. This is some superb work. The theme looks very light and professional. It is by far the best 3 column wordpress theme out there right now! Thanks for sharing.

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                                      14. I have problem with the sidebar-modules.php. When I make a change or add more modules to the sidebar it shows up in the admin Enabled modules but it doesnโ€™t have any effect on the site. Nothing shows up on the K2 3 columns. Itโ€™s used to work perfect with the K2 Beta Two r167. Any idea how can I fix that ? Thanks man.

                                      15. Thanks for the release. The rolling archives plugin does not work when I use your theme.

                                        I find that it works again when I restore the orginal sidebar.

                                        What could be the reason? Also,to view the second sidebar I have to scroll horizontally. How do I correct this?

                                        Thanks again for this theme ๐Ÿ™‚

                                      16. Nice theme! This is what i need. It would be much more better if the content part is much wider. Anyway, Thanks!

                                      17. Sami: Sidebar-modules.php? Is it sidebar modules plugin?. I will look in to it. Right now the 3 column layout is only for basic look.

                                        John: I am not sure why the rollig archives plugin didn’t work for you. i will look in to it. I will try to include the rolling archives in to this style soon anyways.

                                        And on the updates, i found a wierd bug where the secondary div breaks the page at the bottom if its longer than primary div. You can see it here on one of the users archives page. But dont worry, i have fixed it and it will be released in the next 3-4 hrs time after i finish my work.

                                        The demo site with the current release will also be up by that time.

                                      18. sidebar-modules.php is not a plugin, it’s a “hack for K2 to allow to edit the contents of the sidebar. Drag and drop the modules, add own custom content, decide what to display where, etc…

                                        see the K2 support forum about sidebar-modules.php

                                      19. Sami: Thx for the link. I think the hack has to be modified r changed to work in this 3 column, but it shdn’t be difficult. I will definetly look in to it once i finish making this 3 column look perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚

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                                      23. Can you attach this in zip form? I am nit having much luck with this rar. No one uses rar ๐Ÿ™

                                      24. Everyone please update to Revision three and let me know if you still find any breaks or something wierd.

                                        Dana: I sent u an email with zip of the release

                                        Sid: u mean the current style on my blog? . If so, no and yes. I will release it soon but not now. But u can still grab my css if u want to try urself.

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                                      29. Duuuude … awesome!!!

                                        Thanks for putting the effort and sharing with us.

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                                      31. John: This style needs 1024*768 resolution. Anything less than that, u have to scroll horizontally.

                                        Everyone please download the revision three update and check it . Thx to all again

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                                      33. Sweet! I’m so glad you did this. I think most sites will be going wider due to the increased use of higher resolution monitors.

                                        @59ideas: just get winRAR, it’ll do backflips for ya.

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                                      36. Hi, I installed the 3 Column K2 revision 3 update with updated switch.css but still get the horizontal scrollbar at 1024*768 resolution. I found that your blog has no horizontal srollbar.

                                        Also, the feed.png pic overlaps the ‘comment’ text. How do I correct these?

                                        I have provided a screenshot for better understanding:


                                      37. @John TP: It looks like you’re using Internet Explorer 6 in that screenshot. If that’s the case then that very well may be the reason you’re getting display problems.

                                      38. Also, the feed.png pic overlaps the โ€˜commentโ€™ text. How do I correct these?

                                      39. John TP: I think u messed your k2. Did u try to upload a fresh copy of k2r167 and then upload the files from 3 column release 3 update. You can check the demo site running with the release 3 update and my blog too. Even in IE6 both the sites looks fine. Just try to upload a fresh copy of k2 and my style. If it didnt help u out. i will find another way to help you.

                                        Ben Gray: Thanx for responding to him so fast, that was my sleeping time. I really appreciate ur help.

                                      40. John: I have sent u a copy of the complete theme I am running on the demo site. Just use it as a complete theme. No need to replace ur existing theme. Dont forget to select this theme in WP administration and select switch.css in K2 schemes option. Let me know if u still have any problems.

                                      41. Bharat.- It still shows the horizontal scrollbar. The overlapping of feed.png is fixed, and now it shows on top of the text ๐Ÿ™

                                        Anyways I tried this 3 column K2:

                                        and it worked without horizontal scrollbar. Though the feed.png shows on top of text. And rolling archives loading text and image overlaps ๐Ÿ™

                                        Am I the only one facing these problems?

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                                      43. john: i tried sending u a copy to ur email which was not delivered. can u send me an email so that i can send u copy , i am using it. we will see how it works.

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                                      47. John, I too have the horizontal scroll bars. However, I must say I haven’t dived into any files yet and that I LOVE THIS modified K2 theme! Keep up the great work!

                                      48. Ok, my screen resolution is 1024×768. In both IE and Firefox it seems to produce horz. scroll bars. It looks like it’s the footer that is causing this.

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                                      50. Good Stuff! Been searching for a good three collumn design. Found it!

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                                      53. I have uploaded yr file under my k2 folder, but to my astonishment, the switch does not show up under k2 option! I dono what went wrong. Even I have overwritten it again, problem remains. What to do?

                                      54. You said u uploaded my file, is it just the switch.css?. If you are trying this for the first time I request you to download the “k2r167-switch-r3-update.rar” and upload all the files in it to ur K2 folder. There is no way that you can’t see the switch.css in K2 options, if u have uploaded correctly. Lemme know if it solves ur problem.

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                                      58. Hi,

                                        This theme is really good. Good job !

                                        I am not able to get my categories show on the sidebar. Any ideas how it can be done?

                                        Thanks a lot,

                                      59. Great k2 mod. Been using is for about 2 weeks now and loving it.

                                        Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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                                      62. Thank you for this.

                                        Have just installed everything. Works brilliantly apart from the the two sidebars going way down to the bottom. Do tell what I shold tweak to correct that.

                                        Anyway it’s not a huge problem as I will be doing a lot of customisation on it. A lot of it gonna change. Will send you the uri once done.

                                        Thanks again,


                                      63. Thanks for the theme.

                                        Tried it using the latest k2, live search function doesn’t seems to work with your latest k2 3 column.

                                        I believe your live search ain’t working too.

                                        Hope you fix it soon!!!

                                      64. works fine here. used the latest K2 too. and using live search for the first time. both are running smoothly. that skewed lay-out as i mentioned above is now gone too. been tweaking the CSS, and so far no problem,

                                        i have one question though.

                                        is it possible to put up a box or a stack of divs above the sidebar columns? I want the box to span above the sidebar and fill them up with some ads or flash.

                                        anyone has a tip for this?

                                        Thanks in advance.



                                      65. Hmm.. weird… my live search not working. I tried the live search on this website it doesnt work too… when you type something, the entire post dissapear on the primary column.. anyone know how to fix this?

                                      66. The problem with livesearch and the rolling archive got something to do with the server header and gzip compression. Check the k2 forum.

                                        I personal have 2 blogs on different server using the same k2. One work, the other didn’t.

                                      67. hmm.. how can we solve the live search problem?

                                        And wat Jay Kidd mention was good, i’m also wondering how to put a additional block on top of the 2 side columns.

                                        Anyone managed to do that?

                                      68. Jay Kidd: Thats ezy to do and that was part of my 3 column k2 actually. But since I dont want to have any ads on my blog, I didnt include it. Anyways i will release one more version with a topbar for you people soon.

                                        Christian: The entire post disappear in my primary when u type because I disabled rolling archives. Try now and everything works fine. The Livesearch got problem in revision 344 when rolling archives are disabled. Its a known problem. Headover to K2 forums for more info.

                                      69. Hi there, Mr. Bharath Kumar!

                                        Thanks for writing in. I wonder if you would allow my impatience and kindly give us the instructions on putting up a box or boxes spanning the top of the sidebar.

                                        I canโ€™t wait! Iโ€™m working on my indepedent music community page and it needs to go up on-line asap.

                                        Thanks in advance,

                                        Jay Kidd

                                      70. Thanks Bharath!

                                        Hope to see your latest build of the theme soon!


                                      71. Hey Jay Kidd,

                                        I managed to put a section above the sidebar, this probably not the best way but for now, basically just put ur advertisement image link in sidebar.php, abv the lsidebar div and it’ll work =)

                                        If in doubt, just take alook at my source code and try, hope this help you in ur new community site.


                                      72. Pingback:

                                      73. I could add stuff to the sidebar with the widgets. However, I’m stuck when it comes to adding them manually.

                                        I wanted to add some contact details and graphics and ads on the right sidebar, so I opened up sidebar.php and scrolled down till after and added them. I saved it. Refreshed my blog. And nothing.

                                        I know I’m doing something wrong, but obviously, I don’t know what. Please help!

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                                      76. Two questions:

                                        1. Can you tell me how to put code into the middle column? WordPress admin automatically puts links, etc. in the far right column,and of course blog entries in the left column, but I cannot find any way to put content in the middle column.

                                        2. How can I add a header image and code to repace the standard blue header of K2?

                                        I am new to WordPress and have only about 6 months experience fiddling with CSS and no Java ability. Thanks for your help. (My current website is done with Rapidweaver)


                                      77. I’m having problems unpacking the rar file on my Mac – it won’t unpack due to an error. Hell of a shame,.

                                      78. Guys, for all the basic doubts, please head over to the k2 forums, where you will get lot of help from the K2 community.

                                        @Thilak: Everyone is free to modify the theme I released, but unfortunately there’s nothing I can do if someone rips my current theme. I know many people are trying to do and some have done it already. They dont even bother to link back to me. Thats the reason why I am holding off releasing my current style.

                                      79. Please can you fix the download? Perhaps the prob is binary/ascii upload format?

                                      80. Great work. I just wanted to let you know that I’m using this k2 mod on my site now. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it.

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                                      82. I think I might. Those widgets are flawless (though I’ve tweaked a few to suit my needs.) This was excellent work my friend.

                                      83. Thanks for your work on this theme. I’m using it as the foundation of my template, with a few additions from here and there (including Ben’s Openswitch theme).

                                      84. ben gray: i’m referring to the owner, bharath kumar,

                                        i’m interested on the current style he’s using right now, however I can’t find it from the download packages that are available

                                      85. @Azmie: My current style is not available for download yet. Once I finish working on my new design, I will release it.

                                      86. Oh, man! Thank you very much! I love this three column K2! A lot of thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

                                        I think I’m dreaming !!!

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                                      88. Awesome theme, but I have a issue where if you view my site on IE6 it renders the sidebar at the bottom. I notice that Emanuele Guicciardi site has the same issue. Can you tell me why it does that? Is my theme corrup?

                                        Thank you!

                                        Christian Cadeo

                                      89. Christian Cadeo: I can see that. thats may be because of the changes u made or cos of any content u added. u can check the demo page which is running the same version and there’s no problem in IE6 also. I will have a look at ur site lil but later and see wats wrong. But one thing, this theme looks same in IE and FF.

                                      90. Bharath,

                                        Thank you for the quick response. I think it might be attributed to the widgets. i am going to remove them and see if it works. If not, I can just do a clean install of your template and see if that fixes the issue.

                                        Although, if you get an opportunity, please look at it if you can as it would be interesting to be able to pinpoint exactly the issue as the gentleman prior to my post is having the same issue with the rendering.



                                      91. Hi Bharath =)

                                        You’ve done a brilliant job with this theme, but I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me:

                                        1. How did you add the dividers between the sections of your sidebar?

                                        2. I changed the width of the left sidebar for my site and now my entire sidebar ends up at the bottom of the page, just like Emmanuele’s ๐Ÿ™ Could you please take a look and offer a suggestion as to how I could fix it, maybe?

                                        If you could answer one or both questions, I’d be very grateful!!!

                                        PS: To Christian Cadeo – your site looks fine in IE6 when I look at it. Did you fix the problem, and if so HOW? Thanks!

                                      92. Yvonne: Your site looks fine for me. Have u fixed ur problem. Just add border-left and border-right to ur left sidebar in css. If u change the width of any sidebar, u need to change the width of the main sidebar too. Let me know if I can do anything else.

                                      93. Hey Bharath, thanks for the reply :]

                                        I reverted back to the switch.css file you provide in the package and it displayed fine in IE, so the problem’s because of the sidebar modifications I made, which I’m fixing right now.

                                        Thanks for your input ๐Ÿ™‚

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                                      95. Your theme doesn’t seem to work with Quicktags. Do you find that too? Lovely job…

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                                      98. I’ve recently upgraded from WP 1.5.2 to WP 2.0.4 for my site

                                        I’d like to switch to 3columnK2, but I would also like to have ALL my sidebar content appear on every page.

                                        I once did a similar hack for my current template, but I have long since forgotten exactly what that would be, and I’m not sure I’m seeing it on any of the threads I’ve found on this forum.

                                        Any help would be appreciated.

                                      99. Billy Dennis: You can control the content on your sidebar using sidebar modules that comes with K2 and 3 Column K2. LIke same content on all pages or diff content, you can customize it as you like.

                                      100. Bharath, thank you for this theme…been searching for a 3-column K2 mod. I installed the file, but when I activated it, the third column in my site is blank. On the other hand, with respect to the sidebar modules in the admin, there’s only column 1 (same as the original K2 theme). I tried to read through the various posts but I can’t find any answers. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance. More power!

                                      101. Hey Bharath. Nice job mate.

                                        But why don’t you use a strectched/fluid layout, which would give you flexibility with more resolutions.

                                      102. Excellent theme. Wanted to point towards a few possible bugs. On my blog main page, the slider (the little button thingy -for rolling archives) does not appear by default.

                                        But when I click on the older link >> the page refreshes >> and two sliders appear
                                        1. for the rolling archives
                                        2. for making the posts collapse/expand (which is nice BTW).

                                        On clicking the “newer” link again, the slider disappears. I don’t know whether you put this intentionally or not. But I’d like to have that slider visible on my main page as well. Could help me with this? Being a doctor by profession, I do not know much about editing CSS/PHP files.

                                        And 2 more questions:

                                        1. What plug in are you using to display live comment preview? It’s really cool
                                        2. What plug in are you using to display those special boxes/blocks for alerts/download links, etc

                                        Dr. Vishwas

                                      103. Hi there! Have you updated / are you updating 3-column K2 to take into account the modifications made to .95 (rc), so that it’s WP2.1-compatible?

                                      104. How do i get a header image to fit correctly with the 3 columns

                                        the options page limits me to 780 pixel width
                                        and then makes me crop it

                                        I’m using the ‘switch’ style to get 3 columns but then header gets cropped