Eighth win for Schumacher in French GP

Michael schumacher won the French Grandprix for the 8th time with a dominating and record breaking performance at Magny cours. With massa taking the third place on the podium, this should silence everyone who thought that Ferrari’s Indy’s pace was because of Michelin’s cautious approach. Schumacher set another new standard as he became the first driver in the history of the sport to win eight grands prix at a single venue. Schumi even managed to have an extra pitstop compared to Alonso withought loosing the lead. Schumacher was never really challenged as he controlled the pace in his Bridgestone shod Ferrari and took the chequered flag with a comfortable gap over Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa coming home third.

French Grandprix
French Grandprix
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Into turn one Schumi holds P1 and Massa managed to hold off Alonso’s strong challenge. Both the Ferrari’s and Alonso trades some fastest sector times in the next 5 laps but Schumi kept pulling away from both Massa and Alonso. Alonso pits on lap 16th allowing Alonso to have a go at Schumi but Alonso also pits on the same lap. Schumi remains out on track and this proved that their qualifying positions was not because of low fuel. Schumacher pits from the lead on lap19 while Massa sets fastest lap on his new Bridgestones. Massa pits again on lap 34 and Schumi’s lead over Alonso is 16.2 secs. Schumi pits on lap 38 and rejoins just behind alonso who is a pitstop adrift and starts pressing Alonso hard.

Alonso stays on till lap 43 and was fuelled to finish to the end which may allow him to leapfrog Massa before the end of the race. Schumacher continues to push all the way while ferrari senses that they might loose their second place to Alonso. Massa pits on lap 53 giving Alonso P2. Schumi pits from the lead on lap 54 and retains the lead with ease. Massa was not able to make any real impact on Alonso and looks settled for P3. Schumacher starts his final lap and Renault will be pleased to have salvaged so much from what looked to be a ferrari whitewash. Alonso finished a distant second, having opted to run a two stop strategy to Ferrari’s three, which was enough for him to leap frog the impressive Felipe Massa in the last third of the race.

This was Schumacher’s relentless performance on the circuit he loves and this was his 8th victory in france and this performance made even more special as it came on the Renault Michelin duo’s home track. Rather than attack, the renault’s were forced to defend in the face of the ferrari Bridgestone onslaught. In the constructors’ championship, Ferrari has now closed to within 21 points of Renault, while Alonso’s lead in the drivers’ championship has been cut to 17 points over Michael Schumacher. Alonso who said that Ferrari’s pace at Indy was a one off will shrug off the defeat and wait for an opportunity at the next grand prix in Hockenheim in two week’s time.

  1. Wow,it seems like you’re a part of Tifosi,either.

    Schumi did do a good race,but unfortunately Massa lost his P2.I guess Ferrari should figure out a better strategy for Massa,otherwise Schumi cannot get close enough to Alonso in pts.

    Well,France GP is not so exciting as Imola GP,not so as the qualifying,too 🙂