3 Column K2 Revision Six

After lot of requests, I finally updated the 3 Column K2 to the latest svn release (svn-406) with some changes to the last release. Now you can use the Live search when widgets are enabled and I have changed the widths of the 3 columns little bit to look better. So, as ususal if you find anything wierd leave your comment here and I will look in to that as soon as possible. Please check the original k2 forums as well for any help regarding to K2.

People waiting for the release of my current style, have to wait a little bit longer. I am sorry for that, but I am really bizy with my other work as you can see from the low frequency of posts in the last 2 months. So, keep checking regularly and I may release it any time along with my new re-design. Till then enjoy this new release.

Download 3 Column K2 (for k2-Beta.2-revision-406)
Revision Six
3 Column K2 – Zip file (for k2-Beta.2-revision-406)
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  2. absolutely neat. only now i’ll have to get a new ftp client and all..my windows crashed, now on ububtu .Btw your style is absolutely neat, but whats really amazing is your header image, the glassy effect. I thought of using the header image of the themse ‘Glass’, but didnt produce the same effect. Thanks a lot anyways.

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  4. Count me in as one looking forward to your current theme being released. It looks great.

  5. I just installed your REV6 and works pretty nice.

    Only problem I have is when I enable RollingArchive and I click on it.. the “thinking” icon shows up but doesn’t ever take me there.

    Is there something I am missing?

    Thanks again

  6. Nyomi: Thanx.

    Chris: I am not sure y that happens but I can assure u there’s no problem like that in this release so far.

  7. I just recently uploaded this new theme, but I’m having problems with the side bar as it is dropping to the bottom. any clue why this is happening? I’m using IE 6.0


  8. I like your scheme for K2 and I began building a style sheet based on yours. However, I noticed that in your sidebar you’ve placed the include for custom-sidebar.php in the else clause for the dynamic sidebar test. In other words, the only way the inclusion can take place is when someone is not using widgets. I think the inclusion of the additional sidebar is useful but it would be more flexible if your include statement always included a custom sidebar (if available).

    But I have another problem with it… the inclusion of the custom sidebar is always from the main template directory – that assumes that there is always (only) one custom sidebar. Let’s suppose for a moment that I build on your sytlesheet by importing it into mine from another style directory and then go from there. I want the custom sidebar from MY style directory to be included by YOUR sidebar.php code because I may have other styles that build on your 3 column design in other style directories EACH with their own sidebar-custom.php file (or not). Your sidebar.php file should include the sidebar-custom.php file from the current style directory if your intention was to allow other styles to build on yours… did I say all that clearly? I hope it isn’t confusing.

    I’d like for K2 to include similar custom php files in the top (before the content and after the header) and at the bottom of the #page (before the footer) to create a more extensible K2.

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  10. Bharath,

    Thank you for this. I just wanted to point out that I am using your theme, but have removed the footer as I was having issue’s with it. I have given credit to your them underneth the meta section and hope that is okay. Once I can get the footer to be correct I will restore the credits.

  11. Quick way to turn this into a left-center-right 3 column layout? Padding? I’m not sure, haven’t made 3 column layouts since I was on MT…

  12. also very weird: did this change the texts’ spacing? Is this overriding defaults in the stylesheet for fonts and such because I think that after I just installed this 3 col, my justfied text looks really weird and is larger than before… guess I’ll just go in and fix it, but still.

  13. found it: .primary .item .itemtext is changed to a really big value from the original 1.1 / 1.5 which makes things look ??? if it is kept that way. Weird.

  14. This is by far one of the best layoiuts I have seen to date for 3 column, especiaally as it is based on simply put, the best theme for WordPress ever. However, it is not XHTML or CSS valid. This is something that should definately be looked into if at all possible. The XHTML is really an easy fixx, however, the CSS is really messed up. The IE hacks are done incorrectly if I can remember correctly from my learning to write such coding.

    IE sees all CSS coding, while Firefox will see all, but especially when there is an !important tag at the end of the property tags. With ssuch, you could take all the “_width” and such and make thm compliant. I am working on a fix myself, but will not release it as I have done a few of my own specific hacks to the code. I am not saying this as a bad critique against the theme have you, but something that should definately be looked into.

  15. John Piercy: Thats very nice, but the blog title got mixed with the photo, may be u need to find a right picture.

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  19. Any ideas why in FireFox its ok but in IE i get a left/right scroll bar. I have not changed any code this is on the default install.


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  22. Hi Bharath,

    I’m using your extraordinary 3K2 on my blog and I’ve found a small navigation problem with categories.

    Category only shows me the last 5 posts in the category and does not give me the option to view previous entries in the category.

    I’m missing the « Previous Entries and Next Entries » on the bottom of each category page:

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?


  23. hello all where can i find the code for my external sidebar links?

    i am clueless but trying to learn


  24. Thanks but i still don’t see any links there

    new request

    On a pc in IE 6.09 the whole page is one long column on the left side

    in IE 5 it is really screwed up ok on a mac in safari or ff

    but i really need it to look right in IE


    any suggestions?

    i will pay $ for someone to fix this site

    thank you very much


  25. Great work, just one thing: I really prefer themes to use relative sizes instead of fixed width. That makes it much more compatible throughout all sorts of resolutions and screens, without annoying horizontal scrollers or unreadably small fonts. I’ve changed some values on my site and it works, but I’d prefer it to be done and tested widely instead of having to fix it every time.

  26. hi…

    can i make a request?? can u make this template available for blogger beta user??

    it’s a very nice template…if we can use it in blogger..that should be a bonus for us…