3 Column K2 0.9 Release

K2 0.9 Released, so 3 Column K2 was also released. It got all the features the original K2 comes with including sidebar modules. Its just a switch between original K2 and 3 Column K2. Many thanks to Nybble for pointing me towards the changes for enabling sidebar modules for 2 sidebars. I have removed some extra css I have added in my previous versions and I have written notes for all the css I have added, to make it easy for people to customize or change it to their liking. My last release was 3 Column K2 Revision Six, but this release was named version 0.9. why?. Micheal have posted on the K2 dev blog about the upcomming version numbers of the original K2 and I want to follow them as well.

Version Numbers

* 0.9: No bugs release. A stable release of K2 with no known bugs.
* 1.0: Final release. K2 working as advertised.
* 1.5: Next major release. Major new features are relegated to this.

So the next main release will be the final release of K2 and 3 Column K2 as well. I may release some updates based on svn releases in the mean time, but there wont be any changes to the version numbers. So, grab the 3 Column K2 0.9 and test it and leave your comments, if you find anything wrong. Please check the original k2 forums as well for any help regarding K2.

And regarding my current style, I will be releasing a series of 3 column k2 modifications or styles starting this week (may be today too) and when I finally got no more, I will release my current style on this blog. Ya, I am sorry, you still need to wait for my current style. But it wont be that long, I promise. 🙂

  1. Bharath,
    I just downloaded your latest theme relese (which I love, by the way) and noticed a layout problem with IE. Both sidebars show at the bottom. Any fixes?
    Any chance you could shre with me the theme you are actually using on your site. It’s absolutely fantastic!

  2. van u make it from left to right so its will be good with arabic language

    i like you works really i like it and i hope it become from left to right

  3. Hi! Have installed your this latest release and encountered no problem except for my photos not showing up. I store all my photos at flickr and publish from there. Is there anything I need to do so my photos will show up?


  4. Hi,

    the theme looks really nice.

    What do you use to post downloads like the above one? i mean the rectangle around the link. do you use a download counter? if yes it would be really nice to tell me where i can get it.

    thanks in advance!


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  6. Foulad: Making this 3 column k2 from left to right is not a big work. But i want to stay close to original K2.

    dahead: I am not sure what you are asking.

    Finally Thx to everyone.

  7. The decision to abandon IE6 strikes me as a strange one. A large number of people haven’t upgraded yet, and rolling out a new theme that breaks this browser at this time doesn’t strike me as the right thing to do.

    Are you going to continue to make previous versions available? I’m in the process of building my new theme based on revision six, and would like to know that I can still get to the original version if required.

    While it pains me to not keep up with the latest version of software, I haven’t come across any major issues with revision 6 and so will more than likely stick with that. Roughly 50% of my visitors are still using IE6, so I can’t afford to break the site for them right now.

  8. Dan: The previous version is still available on my server. I can understand your problem and I will try to include those IE hacks as an update before this weekend.

    Gahlok: Yes they are comming.

    Napolux: Will update the release with IE hacks before this weekend.

  9. Ditto to Dan. Most Internet users are still on IE6. Yes, we all use Firefox, but I don’t want to tell the majority of my readers to get Firefox or kiss off. Anyway, I use a Mac, so I don’t have any IE browsers. I’ll have to check what my site looks like at work tomorrow.

  10. Glad to hear about the explorer hacks. I have a mac, so I don’t use any explorer browsers, but I don’t want to alienate my readers.

  11. Great! Looking forward for the tweaked release. This is by far my favorite K2 mod.

  12. Guys, thanx for ur interest, but please keep in mind that my current work is keeping me bizy and I am not able to get hand on this mod. But I will try to get the work done soon. Thx again for everyone.

  13. Great mod! Looking forward to the updates when you have time. The Explorer users will just have to deal with it for now. Sorry for the dupe, I didn’t think my first comment went through.

  14. Ive been reading lots of forum posts today and looking at a few sites ( some with 3 column)
    this one for example http://shafiur.i-edit.net/ with my PC and my Mac , trying to get my 3 column to work in IE 6

    been pulling my hair out with all these IE issues ,,, I have a Powerbook G4 and a PC

    but I just downloaded ie 7 and everything looks great ,, and there is no issues in FF or Safari


  15. Thinking about it: I might run with revision 6. Bharath – can you forsee any issues with this? I can’t see any rendering issues in any major browsers at this time, and I’m not really using any of the built in K2 features.

    Don’t get me wrong, the support you’ve offered – and continue to offer – is brilliant, but I’ve already done a bunch of work and have stripped out a lot of extra javascript and styles from some of the files (for speed) so I’m toying with the idea of not using the 0.9 release.

    I’ve been insanely busy with work myself lately, so I know how tied up that can leave you, but for what it’s worth, I think the work you’ve done so far – and have offered to do in the future – is brilliant.

  16. Dan, Adam Saunders, John Piercy, Nyomi: Can you people check the demo site in both IE and FF and tell me how it looks. I just added IE hacks I used for previous releases. If everything looks fine, I will send you the file with IE hacks. Please let me know. Thx

  17. Demo site in Firefox (OS X & OS X) – Looking good

    Demo site in IE 6 (Win XP) – Looking good, except that the transparent bg for icons is not respected, it shows as grey (this was true of the Rev. 6 release also)

  18. Using IE 6.0.2900.2180 ,, at work all is well
    I’ll try FF on my Mac and on my PC when I get home in a few hours

    Thanks Bharath for your help


  19. Bharath – looks great. Tested in IE6 (6.0.3790.1830), Swift (webkit based browser for the PC, like Apple’s Safari), FF, and IE7.

    Thanks very much for getting this done, you’re a star.

  20. Also looking good in these OS X apps: Camino 1.0.2, Safari 1.3.2, Mozilla 1.7.13, Flock, Netscape 7.2, OmniWeb 5.1.3, Opera 9.01, NetNewsWire 2.0.1, and iCab 3.0.3

  21. Hi,

    I just downloaded the zip file given in the post. Does this one fix the IE 6.0 formatting issue (i.e. does it come with the IE hacks?). Cause I got formatting errors in IE 6.0 and so presumably it is not. Can I also be mailed a version of the theme with the IEEE hacks added?


  22. Greatbong: Nope, Its not included in the file I released and It wont be. The reason is they are not supported in original K2 and hence I wont include them in my release. I want to be as close to original K2.

    But I have just made a new switch.css available for download. Download it and replace your existing switch.css. If you got any customizations back it up and then upload this one.

    I am not sure how those IE hacks work. I am just using them since my previous versions of K2 and I used them for you people. So, dont go to the K2 forums regarding any issues with this file.

    Dan, John, Nyomi: Download the new switch.css file from above and see how it works.

  23. Hi Thanks Bharat

    Downloaded and FTP’ed and installed ,,, hope it looks good in IE

    Do I have too make any changes in my K2 Options ,

    At my firehall , the computers with IE ,, my site looked ok , last few nights

    I’ll see what this new patch does ,,,,

    Appreciate the help


  24. In IE there is another problem.

    Author’s comments (with grey background) are mixed con the next one comment. So The grey background ends on the next visitor’s comment.

    Can You fix this problem?

  25. I want to move the sidebar 2 to the left, something like SIDEBAR2 – CONTENT – SIDEBAR 1

  26. using sidebar widgets, how can I use the “Akismet Spam Counter”.

    which code i have to put in “widget text box”?


  27. [quote comment=”3994″]using sidebar widgets[/quote]

    sorry but I didn’t find a way to move sidebar2 to the top left using widgets

  28. SRV, it looks like you’re quoting Zarcon’s comment, but Zarcon’s comment is totally unrelated to your question, not an answer to it. You would not be able to accomplish what you want just with widgets anyway, you would have to make changes to the the theme files. If you’re not sure how to do that, there is another 3 column K2 mod that is already like that. I haven’t that theme personally, so I don’t know if it is as good as Bharath’s, but you could try it out:


    Bharath, haven’t had a chance to try out the IE fix CSS file but I will hopefully get to it today.

  29. Zarcon – Have a look at this. Drop that in the sidebar, and configure one of text boxes to contain at least the text “” (apologies if the code snipper gets mangled, but it should be enclosed in triangular brackets (greater than/less than).

    If you need more help, contact me via the contact form at my site (let’s not clog Barath’s site up with it).

    Bharath – great work. I’ve now moved all my previous work over to the .9 release, and it’s looking good 🙂

  30. on the zip you can download, the name of the skin is ‘K2 Beta Two’, is it normal ?
    because the layout is not working for me :/

  31. The snippet did get eaten, as I thought. Use “?php akismet_badge(); ?” but use standard tagging syntax.

  32. is it normal that the theme is called ‘K2 Beta Two’ in the theme selection ?
    because it’s not working there, i only got 1 column and the text is overlapped :/

  33. Nyomi and Dan: Thx for helping out. The new switch.css is still not perfect. I have to look into that more. I will do that as soon as I can find some more time.

    Davidd: Please give me a link to the site, then I can help you more. I cant understand wats wrong from that img.

    Lord Zarcon: This theme can be done in your way. But dont ask me now how to do it. Also check the link Nyomi gave.

  34. Thanks Bharath !

    here is the url : http://tinyurl.com/muz9s

    in fact i installed k2 then your skin, is it possible that both makes bad interactions ?
    your skin works cause i can configure it in the presentation panel, but the results are wierd :/

  35. Bharath : yes your theme have a separate folder called 3ColumnK2, but the wierd thing is that when some settings were set for k2 and then i switched to 3ColumnK2 they were still there :/

    did you look the link ? your credit is added at the bottom of the page but it’s still the look of k2! 🙁

    thanks for your patience !


  36. even i install your theme i cannot make it looks like your site. i mean three columns with the recent comments and latest things and so on not the colors or other your site specific things.

    I read some of your post you’re going to publish your site structure. Are you still considering giving your site source? Or let’s say it three column best practices. Not the demo you did.

  37. Thank you for this great theme. I downloaded and installed it with the new Switch.css file (IE hacks).

    Everything works very nicely, except the sidebars and the last post on the front page is all bolded. On other pages, everything works fine.

    Also, gravatars don’t show in comments. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Mvuinc: This release got some problems with IE6. I am sorry. But I have finished working on the new release 0.9.1. Sidebar problems in IE, Gravatars, Author’s comments overlapping, everything solved in the next release. I am still testing it. So far it looks well in IE too withouht any hacks. This looks like the best 3 column k2 release ever. I will release it once I get bak to home. Thx

  39. Looking forward to it Bharath. I spent a bit of time yesterday getting my head around the .9 release so I should be able to jump to this one very quickly. If you want any additional help testing it, let me know.

    Just one question: “back home”? Does that mean from work, or are you away on business/holiday at the moment? Just trying to get an idea of when we can expect the next dose of 3 column loveliness 🙂

  40. [quote comment=”4229″]Mvuinc: This release got some problems with IE6. I am sorry. But I have finished working on the new release 0.9.1. Sidebar problems in IE, Gravatars, Author’s comments overlapping, everything solved in the next release. I am still testing it. So far it looks well in IE too withouht any hacks. This looks like the best 3 column k2 release ever. I will release it once I get bak to home. Thx[/quote]


  41. Dan: Yes from work I mean.

    I released the new 3 Column k2 0.9.1. Get it from the 3columnk2 page. I also included the link to this page in the header menu :).

  42. To DAVIDD : HELP Problems passing from 2 Columns to 3 Columns

    Well Davidd, I don’t know if you have fixed the problem, but I had the same problem after installing this 3 Column K2 0.9 Theme. I had added modules both in Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2 from the ‘K2 Sidebar Modules’ but nothing happened, always only 1 sidebar on my site (2 columns if you prefer). Until I’ve seen in this article from Bharath this short sentence : “It’s just a SWITH between original K2 and 3 Column K2”. So that was my problem : Go in the ‘K2 Options’, unroll the ‘K2 Scheme’ and select ‘Switch/Switch CSS’ (by default, this was selected on ‘No Scheme’ on my panel), and that’s it! you will see your brand new 3 columns! Hope that the Instructions from Bharath will come soon, but anyway, I put a comment to help those who are meeting problems…
    Thanks Bharath, this is a great theme, the design is absolutely fantastic…I’ve seen this video-blog
    http://www.shotsringout.com/ where I think you have contributed on the design and it looks absolutely great! Keep on your great work (any chance to have a great mix between the excellent ‘Ultra Minima Theme’ with some modules on footer and yours with the most beautiful CSS design and 2 sidebars? If you think of it, that would be an orientation to continue your work…)

    Cheers from France/Paris
    Indie-Boy Traqueur

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