Google talk gets new features

Google released a new version of its one year old google talk with some great features.

File transfer: Google blog claims that this was the top requested feature by their users, and they have just done what every one is looking for. You can share any type of file, any size and any number of times if you like. I tested this by sending diff types of files and in diff sizes and it worked perfect. File transfer is fast.

Google Talk makes a direct connection to your friend’s computer whenever possible, enabling the fastest speed available. And even if your super-secure firewall won’t allow a direct connection, we’ll still get it there at a decent speed, because we’re nice like that.

Voicemail: Now you can leave voicemails to any of your google talk contacts when they dont answer your call. Cool.

Music status sharing: Now this is more fun. You can show your friends what you are listening in winamp or itunes. Just change you status to Show current music track and they can see the song your’e listening to as your status message.