Windows Live writer, UTW and Tag4Writer

I came to know that many Mac users use either Ecto or Mars Edit as their desktop blogging client. My previous idea works in those clients too and infact from any blogging client. Now I want to show how to customize the existing tagging plugin, Tag4Writer for Windows Live Writer. Tag4Writer enables insertion of a list into a template for tags. By default it comes with various templates for Technorati, Delicious, Flickr, IceRocket, Buzznet, 43 things, Live Journal, but there’s no support for local tags in wordpress. We need to add our WordPress blog as a new template in the plugin and just add tags from the plugin interface. This idea is similar to my previous one of using Ultimate Tag Warrior’s embedded tags option.

  1. Go to Ultimate Tag Warrior options page and then check the box next to use embedded tags option.
  2. Go to the Windows Live Writer plugins folder and open the xml file (SmilingGoat.WindowsLiveWriter.TagTemplates.xml) in a text editor and add the following code just above the last line and save it. Give your own blog name and blog url in the following code.


  3. In Windows Live Writer, go to plugins section and open the options for Tag list generator. In the Template drop down box you can see your blog name that you have added in the xml file. Select it. Once you have selected your blog from the list, it remains same everytime.
  4. Now in the Tag list HTML Template section add the following code and close the plugin preferences.


  5. Write a post in Windows Live Writer and at the end of the post, click on Insert tags from the sidebar. Write your tags separated by commas and click on insert.
  6. Publish your post and Ultimate Tag Warrior adds those tags to your post automatically. That’s it.

When you try to edit this post after publishing, you can still see the tags you added, if you want to change them. Ok, I am able to add tags but how to pull the existing tags on my WordPress blog and how to get tag suggestions. If anyone got any ideas or solutions please share with me. I hope someone writes a plugin for UTW with all its features. Sorry for taking so long to post this guys. Happy Blogging…

  1. This is great!! Though I would also like to be able to use my existing tag list.

  2. Thx Chris. Ya, I am also looking for some one to write a plugin for UTW which can pull existing tags on the blog and something to give tag suggestions too

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  6. This does not work as expected. Since for UTW to work correctly with Embedded tags, it is required to just insert the tags, not the href links to those tags in the post itself. UTW will insert these tags properly in the database and create href to these local tags.

    It middle line in the xml file should be

    Otherwise, it creates links in the post. But when you click those links, you will not get the posts or RSS feed for that tag correctly. See this new configuration in action on

    And another observation is if you have a space in the tag (ex: new tag), live writer inserts as ‘new+tag’. Some how this is not handled by UTW, so the tag does not get added. We might have to explicitly add tags such that there are no spaces in between. Instead use hyphens.

  7. Murali: I noticed some other problem but the idea of href links to those tags WORKS. I am using the same idea and its working perfect. I tried on 3 blogs. The second one, ya there is problem with that space. If you just enter the embedded tags in the post with a space UTW recognizes it. But when you use space in the tags from the plugin, its not working. Have to look in to that.

  8. Regarding Hrefs: If I add an existing tag that way, the current post is not coming up in the list when I open posts of that particular tag. Also, if I add a new tag, it adds Href but when I click on the href, no post comes up in the listing. But when I modify the xml file to just include the tag, but not a href, it works. Not sure if I am missing some thing here.

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  10. That is what I mentioned in my first comment. It works. Actually, I wrote that XML line update after “It middle line in the xml file should be ” in my comment. It Looks like it was filtered out.

    Anyways, Thank you very much.

  11. Thanks very much for the tutorial
    but is there some way to post technorati tags the same way UTW does , as I am using the technorati tags in UTW and I like it??

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