3 Column K2 0.9.2

First of all sorry to all my blog readers for the lack of posts for the past 2 months. I have been bizy with my job and uni as its end of my semester. Since my last release I have been getting lot of emails about the problem with sidebar modules. So I decided to update the 3 Column k2 with the latest svn release(198). The official release of K2 0.9.1 is based on svn-152. So, there will be lot of improvements over K2 0.9.1 and 3 Column K2 0.9.1. I hope this release will solve all the sidebar modules problems. So everyone update your 3 Column K2 to 3 Column K2 0.9.2. You can download it from 3 Column K2 page and view the current release on the demo site as well. And finally for all the K2 related issues visit the K2 forums.

  1. Ah, good stuff. I just got 0.9.1 the way I liked it. Had a few mods to perform, but it all seems good.

    I never noticed any problems with the sidebar modules, but anyway, at least we got the latest svn. 😀

  2. It’s weird. With the previous release, the sidebar modules worked well for me. After using this new release, the sidebar modules totally do not appear on my wordpress presentation tab.

  3. leonard.. you are not alone.. haha.. the sidebar module doesn’t show up in my wordpress tab too..

  4. [quote comment=”6836″]leonard.. you are not alone.. haha.. the sidebar module doesn’t show up in my wordpress tab too..[/quote]

    Hi Menghua, at your k2 modules page, do a reload on that page. The modules will subsequently appear. I am not sure why, but it works for me. Try it and let us know.

  5. Thx Andrew for pointing to the issue discussion. Even I am not able to reproduce this problem on my side. And I am not sure if its a 3 Column K2 problem or K2 problem. I tried this theme on 5 domains and each install worked fine. Even with the previous version I didnt have problems. Anyways I will keep an eye on the SVN and will update 3 Column K2 as soon as there is a fix.

    But from feedback on my previous posts, there is one way to try

    1. Uninstall the K2 theme, go back to presentation tab and activate the 3 Column K2 theme again.

    Hope that will work for all.

  6. Jimmy: I am not sure y ur having problems with rolling archives. Have u checked the demo site. Its running the latest release and the RA r working fine.

  7. Thanks for the upgrade. I’m completely baffled by something though. Changes I’m making to the style.css file and ftping up into my 3k2 folder are not showing up on the site, even after I empty the cache. I’m using WP2.0.4. Any idea what’s causing this please? It’s almost as if the theme is point to an external style sheet somewhere.

    Many thanks

  8. [quote comment=”6961″]I upgrade from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2 and seems that the rolling archives never loads.[/quote]

    I’ve exactly had the same problem, the click on the Archives Page just give me a 404 message. Funnily enough, after i put the code to implement the tag cloud into the Archive Page, everything is showing…

    But i got another problem, when i add a widget to the second sidebar, the “Subscribe” Part with the RSS feeds is hidden and just the widget i added before is visible.

    Another question, how can i change the Description “Subscribe”?

    At least i have to say a big THX to Kumar for this nice modification 🙂


  9. Richard: please provide a link to your site so that I can check.

    Daniel: Check in sidebar.php. find lsidebar and you will see the subscribe section.

  10. Daniel: I noticed the same thing with the Subscribe thing going missing. You may want to make a new PHP module/widget and add the code for the Subscribe section (found in sidebar.php) and add that code to a the new module/widget. That’s what I’ve done with mine and it works rather well.

  11. Hi Bharath,

    I’m currently using an other three column k2 theme but maybe I want to change to yours because the other seems not to update anymore. I was wondering if you could share your style you’re using on this site. I like it!

  12. Also, I recently got hit with the sidebar bug. I cleared my cache and things were fixed.

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  14. I’ve been using the 3 column k2 theme for 3 weeks now. But am puzzled as to why the categories, blogroll, archive etc. do not appear on the main page by default. How do I enable them to appear without using sidebar widgets or modules?

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  16. Hi Bharath – As always, thanks for the great mod. Do you happen to know please how to change the category archive view so that, instead of seeing an excerpt from each category item, the full text of the category items appears?

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  18. I found I had the same problem with my K2 Sidebar Modules not appearing in the Presentation administration screen after some time had passed. However, the site itself showed the sidebar modules just fine.

    Since I had last touched the Sidebars admin panel I had installed a few more plugins. After deactivating ALL my plugins the Sidebars reapeared in the administration panel. One by one I narrowed it down to one particular plugin – a recent version of StatTraq from http://thefunzone.awardspace.com/wordpress/?page_id=63.

    Those having this issue might want to see if they use this plugin and if disabling allows the administration panel to work again. I found I can leave StatTraq running, and just disable it for a few moments whenever I need to admin the Sidebar Modules.

    Hope this helps!

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  20. This is a known K2 bug. Clear your browsers cache and things should work. This has never failed for me.

  21. Any chance to get a changelog to know what are your mods from the official K2 ? I dont want to steal your work but knowing what you did, we can update to newer K2 faster. 😉

  22. well the sidebar modules dont work for this version as well. Someone help me. The links dont seem to work on the modules page.

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  24. Lost my modules when I had to finally uninstall K2 (after trying 3 Column) in order to hope I got my modules admin capability back again — I did get that fixed after the uninstall, but the modules I worked so long on putting together over the past days are zapped and I’ll have to rebuild.

    Not a happy camper.

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