BMW pays tribute to Michael Schumacher

BMW and BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen paid tribute to the most successfull Formula 1 driver ever, Michael Schumacher on his final race of his career with Thanx messages.

The most successful driver of all time is retiring, he did a lot for the sport and because of him, especially in Germany, F1 is very popular. As a thank you to Michael Schumacher we have Thanks Michael and Danke Michael on the rear wings of our cars.

In friday’s morning practice, the rear wings of the BMW cars read retirement messages in big blue lettering “Thanks Michael” and “Danke Michael”, in reference to 37 year old Michael Schumacher’s 250th and last Grand prix in an illustrious sixteen year career.


German teenager Sebastian Vettel’s third BMW Sauber also paid homage to his retiring countryman and commented “I hope he saw and he enjoyed it”. Ofcourse Schumacher spotted the retirement message and thanked his rivals. Schumacher told reporters after practice,

Apart from the extra photographers and cameras, I feel the same as usual, The only difference is the Danke message from BMW, which made me very happy when I saw it. I can only say thanks to them in return.

Thanx Schumi.