3 Column K2

One more, yes one more update. As usual I updated 3ColumnK2 with the latest SVN release (SVN 301). And most importantly the sidebars problem in IE6 is worked out. Thanks to Chris and Scott for helping me out on this. Going through the comments on my previous release, I don’t see any major problems. But please report If you find anything weird and I will try my best to look in to that. Keep checking the K2 support forums for any K2 related help.

Warning: 3columnk2 is no longer compatible with WordPress 2.0

With revision 291, K2 no longer supports WordPress 2.0. We’ll judge demand for a bugfixed v0.9.5. If it’s wanted badly enough we’ll do a branched version of r290 and fix bugs on that for a v0.9.5 final, otherwise we’ll move directly into 1.0. Let us know. #.

Download it from 3ColumnK2 page. Njoy.

  1. I am building a new site around 3 Column K2. It would be nice if you could give us a non-ajaxified version when you release v1.0. Those ajax javascripts don’t play well with other scripts such as Amazon’s product previews.

    Turning off Advanced Navigation still gives me page errors in IE7 and FF2. I haven’t tried v0.9.5.1 yet. Will probably wait for v1.0 before upgrading.

  2. Robert, I appreciate ur concerns, but I dont want to touch any core k2 functions for now. I want to keep the changes to the original K2 as minimal as possible. May be I will try to do when K2 V1.0 comes out.

    Turning off advanced navigation doesnt show me any page errors in FF2.1. In IE6 I will let you know once I check it out. Thx again.

  3. Hi Bharat,
    i’m trying to use version for my website.

    I think there are some incompatibilities issues with some of the plug-in i activated.
    The result seems a loop request that crash the server. I mean, not really crashing the server, but endless request that make the server incredibly slow. I think this come up only with explorer 6.

    The suspected plugin are wp-polls and my gallery. Do you know anything about problems with these?

    There is also (or maybe it’s connected in some way) a problem on loading js. I’m working on safari and the site comes up with 3/4 errors: unable to find http://www.volleyclub.it/wp-includes/js/scriptacolous/effects.js?ver=1.6.1 and some other in the same folder…

    Thanks for your help.

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  5. Hi–I’m using switch.css but this new 3k2 keeps snipping my header to 798×200 and thus ruining it, in a way. If there was a way to right-align it simply that could do the trick, but right now normal-k2 is just trying to assert itself when it comes to the banner image. Any ideas?

  6. Oh, yeah–I’m also getting the scriptalicious effects fail in exactly the same way. I have 404 notifier installed and it’s just 404ing like it was nobodies business. Then again that’s not in the theme folder so I have no idea where the explanation for that is actually…

  7. I keep on my testing.
    I’ve found a very strange behaviour on “permission level”. I mean, if i use the release i cant cancel comments, and i cant create categories. But if i swicth back to the previous release everything is back to normal.
    Very strange, also becouse i’m in the admin area.
    I’ve tried it many times, and it’s always the same.

    Also, the load of the wp-admin/categories.php is always incomplete, no “add a category” part. And, again, if i switch back to another theme or to the previous 3Column everything goes back to normal.

  8. I get this error whenever I try to activate a plugin:


  9. hi,

    i install for test on http://hermandadblanca.org/test/ because i like this theme and i need sidebar widgets again… but the version is soooo slow and i cant create categories, cant cancel coments, etc….

    why this version is so slow????


  10. Hey, I’m having the same problem as Sam Jackson’s having, the header image gets cropped and the result is pathetic! I’m using one of my own photographs edited to 960×200 pix image. But the cropping results in a repition of the image. I can’t exactly put it in words, seeing my blog will be more effective. Thanks in advance.

  11. How hard would it be to create or hack a version of this where content is in the middle, with a sidebar flanking on either side? In other words:

    sidebar – content – sidebar

    Or would that require mucking in too much of the K2 core?

  12. Alok: Thats because the width of header shd be 995x not 960px.

    Martino: There’s something wrong with K2 itself regarding permission problem at creating categories and deleting comments. So, I am going to file a bug report on k2 issues. The current release is the most recent version of K2 available on SVN.

    And regarding javascript errors, I havent yet seen anything sofar. Can anyone provide a screenshot of the errors please.

    David: I am not sure at present, because I havent tried to do that yet.

    Thanx again to everyone for reporting the problems.

  13. The file ‘latest_post.php’ has line that loads the feed icon. Don’t know why. Messes up the sidebar. I removed it. Life is better.

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  15. HeyHey, Bharat, thanks for the reply, but I did upload a new header of the dimensions 995×200, the page after the upload, I’m forced to select only a 798×200 section of the whole image. The header i’m trying to upload is a photograph I had taken some time back. Itsn’t there some way to upload a image via the Custom Image Header and bypass that Cropping?

  16. Alok: I checked it alok. I will tell you other option I use more often. upload ur image to switch folder and add the following css to ur switch.css.

    #header {
    height: 150px;
    background: #fff url(‘1.png’) center center no-repeat;

    Just change the height to the height of your image, then ‘1.png’ to ur image path.

  17. I used height as 200pm, hope thats ok? I’m waiting for my hosting service to upload the images to the folder, once that’s done, I’ll test it out. Thank you soo much!

  18. Hey Bharath, Is it possible to add a new page but to make sure that doesn’t come as a tab in the header?

  19. Byte: Yes you can hide the pages using exclude option in header.php. First check the id of your page in WP admin. then open your header.php and change the following line

    < ?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li='); ?>


    < ?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&depth=1&title_li=&exclude= 1, 2, 3'); ?>

    Instead of 1, 2, 3 just use the page id’s which you want to exclude from menu in header.

  20. hi bharath,

    is there some way for having a drop down menu with child pages on wp_list_pages in the header.php???


  21. [quote comment=”21484″]I keep on my testing.
    I’ve found a very strange behaviour on “permission level”. I mean, if i use the release i cant cancel comments, and i cant create categories. But if i swicth back to the previous release everything is back to normal.
    I’ve tried it many times, and it’s always the same.

    I’m having the exact same problem. Fiddled, re-fiddled, tweeked and hitted my head agians the wall a couple of time 🙂 Oh, and actually started over from scratch two times. But after reading Martino’s comment I tested and reallized that, yep, just change the theme and all goes back to normal as magic.

    Any news or glance of solution in the horizon for this permission problem?

  22. hello, i would like to resize both sidebars but i don’t find it in the css, can you just tell me where i can adjust it in my css file please?

  23. And one more thing… I see that you use some tagging plugin… is it UTW??? It seems that it is not working with WP 2.1… If you don’t mind can you tell what plugin are you using for tagging, ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’ and ‘quote selected text’? I jus want to know these plugins which work with 3K2… Thanks

  24. @Mr Byte:

    Go to the WordPress Codex (wiki) here:


    to view plugins that are known to both work and break in WP 2.1. You most likely will need to upgrade a few of your plugins, as WP 2.1 made some major changes.

    The ‘notify of followup…’ plugin is “Subscribe to comments,’ though I don’t know which plugin allows for quoting. You might very well be able to find that plugin

  25. re: the 404ing javascript. wp-includes/js/scriptaculous/wp-scriptaculous.js?ver=1.6.1 from the referring URL of the homepage at normal load. if one goes back into the archives by an ‘older’ page, the slider comes back and it works nicely. test out on any blog, i guess–yours has the same symptoms and therefore, I figure, the same effects. I understand the hiding slider but it does still 404.

  26. Hey, if you want to check out a simple css theme I wrote for your 3 column K2 to move the first sidebar to the left:


    It might be messy, but it works in IE6 and FF2 (all I have to test on).

    I wrote it because after looking through your code, I liked how you had implemented the third sidebar better than I liked Triplek2 and another 3 column K2 fork I had seen, but I really wanted a sidebar on each side.

    So if anyone wants to clean up my css code (it may be ok, but I just assume its not), feel free to go to the link above and let me know what you come up with.

  27. Zach: I love! Two questions, and only one of them is an issue that’s preventing me from using your style:

    1) Could you widen the main content area a little bit? It seems to have a little too much of a buffer between the two columns.

    2) The issue: I created the sheet and uploaded it, and nearly everything looked fine but the footer – there was a whole bunch of gobbly-gook code inserted into my blog’s footer. Like 2-3 long paragraph’s worth. I’ve switched it back to Bharath’s default style for the time being, but I don’t know if I did something wrong or what. The rest of the site looked right – a column on either side with the content in the middle, but a big weird footer just seemed strange. If it matters, I’m using wordpress 2.1.

    Either way, *awesome* work; can’t wait to be use this content/middle column style.

  28. David: thanks, it wasn’t too tough after I actually looked at how Bharath implemented the sidebar.

    I’m not a CSS expert, so I don’t claim to know what might be wrong with your site (my site runs it fine), but here are a couple guesses:

    1. I thinned up the sidebars to give more room for the content, so maybe one of your sidebar modules is too wide, somehow messing up the rendering of your website.

    2. Are you running the wp-cache plugin? Make sure you clear the cache after you make changes (I’ve made this mistake several times myself, and about cussed out CSS, wordpress, k2, and everything else in the process).

    It would be helpful to know exactly what was contained within the gibberish, to maybe get a better clue.

    Thanks again to Bharath for making a nice, cleanly implemented 3rd column hack for K2. I liked how you did it much better than TripleK2 and another 3 column k2 hack I looked at, as well.

    I’m going to post the info at my site, http://uselesshacks.com/ so feel free to post a comment about it over there if you figure out what is causing the error.

  29. Zach: It looks ok, but not an ideal solution imo and it can be better. The only reason I havent tried doing that is, I am not able to find enough time.

  30. I agree, it could be a lot better. But until someone with some CSS knowledge can get on it, it will have to do for me.

    I’m ok with CSS, but still horrible at positioning elements with it.

  31. I hope you don’t feel like I’m spamming you, but I did fix a pretty large bug (don’t know how I didn’t see it, and it might fix your problem, David), and changed things around a little bit.

    All updates will be over @ http://uselesshacks.com/?p=18 until Bharath has time to write an “official” (written by someone who knows what they are doing) theme.

    In the meantime, if anyone else can get any use out of my hack job, then that’s great.

    It’s still only tested on FF2 and IE6, so leave me feedback if it breaks in any other browsers, and I’ll try to see if I can figure it out.

  32. I had to check out the latest svn since I was going mad with the permission error. I merged 3K2 with revision 306 and it seems to solve those issues. I could’ve overlooked something (neither of the solutions I found to the issue solved it), my merge can be badly done, nevertheless I got 3 column k2 goodness and none of the nasty errors.

    Thank you for your great work!

  33. Hi Bharath…love the K2 Mod…also glad to see that you’ve finally got your Lifestream running. I’m a big fan and wrote a story on Lifestreams…anyways back to topic.

    I see that you have nicely formatted comments on this page with clear seperation between them. This doesn’t seem to be the case on the version of the mod that you distribute. Can you provide either the CSS to do this or the comments.php file for us?



  34. I’m using your theme in one of my blogs.. and it’s great.
    But i have some problems:

    1. It’s slow (i activated wp_cache but not many improvements)
    2. I’ve got to digg’s front page several times and hosting cpu quota exceeded.
    I’ve asked them what’s the problem and told me to look @ the log.

    Errors in the log:
    Sun Feb 25 20:37:45 2007: used 0.24 seconds of cpu time for HTTP Request: http://www..com : GET /wp-content/themes/3ColumnK2/style.css HTTP/1.1
    Sun Feb 25 20:37:46 2007: used 0.46 seconds of cpu time for HTTP Request: http://www..com : GET /wp-content/themes/3ColumnK2/js/effects.js.php HTTP/1.1
    Sun Feb 25 20:37:46 2007: used 0.24 seconds of cpu time for HTTP Request: http://www..com : GET /wp-content/themes/3ColumnK2/js/slider.js.php HTTP/1.1
    Sun Feb 25 20:38:43 2007: used 0.23 seconds of cpu time for HTTP Request: http://www..com : GET /wp-content/themes/3ColumnK2/js/k2functions.js.php HTTP/1.1
    Sun Feb 25 20:39:20 2007: used 0.23 seconds of cpu time for HTTP Request: http://www..com : GET /wp-content/themes/3ColumnK2/js/prototype.js.php HTTP/1.1

    My question… how can I stop these from loading.. or can you make a simple version of the theme? You would save my life.
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  35. Bharath can you please tell me which files have changed from 0.9.5 to Its because I cannot update my highly edited theme! Thanks in advance.

  36. Hey, I did like you said, I edited the switch.css by adding this :

    #header {
    height: 200px;
    background: #fff url(’heaer3.png’) center center no-repeat;

    where, I uploaded the heaer3.png into the styles/switch folder. But it still isn’t working. Plus, I selected the “Asides” category for Asides, but I still don’t have a asides on the frontpage. :(.

  37. Bharath,

    which version of your theme is to be used for compatibility with Ultimate Tag Warrior, which still is not WP 2.1-compliant?

    I wish I could use your theme with such a powerful tagging system as UTW.

    Thanks anyway for this necessary theme.

  38. Bharath,

    Really like the theme, everything was working fine in WordPress 2.1.1. Just updated to 2.1.2 and now the only sidebar module that works is sidebar 1, the other 2 are not working at all. Any thoughts as to what could be the cause of this?

    Thanks and I appreciate your good work.

  39. Slowfinger: The current version is compatible with UTW. This theme comes with inbuilt support for UTW.

  40. Jesse: The sidebar modules are working fine in WP 2.1.2. I just updated my blog to test this and I dont find any problems at all. Please let me know more about your problem so that I can help you.

  41. Bharath,

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I in fact deleted and reinstalled the theme and it works fine. Best.

  42. Bharath,

    is it possible to use a resized header and in which directory should it be stored? The custom header cropping tool in the admin section won’t allow me to use a custom 1220 px large header.

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  45. I’m a huge fan of k2 and always wanted a 3 column theme, but I’ve noticed that with k2-0951, the footer spans the page where the primary content ends, and ends up cutting through the sidebar. Is there anything that I can do to prevent this from happening?

  46. hey bharat, I worked out the theme header. Looks fine now, only I’m not able to find the right color for the text on the image. Thank you soo much for your help and this wonderful theme.

  47. I like the css of you blog.I didnt find other so cool.If you could release this opne when you redisgn one for urself it will be cool.Hope to see the new version soon

  48. I don’t know what went wrong the the first time, but I’ve resolved that problem with the footer by reinstalling your theme.

  49. After seeing Andrew’s post I decided to go get the nightly download which was r322 and installed it. Sure enough under the K2 Options tab you now have the ability to have dual sidebars which allows for 3 columns. Currently though if you go for 2 sidebars they are split to either side of the middle content column. I’m guessing a custom scheme would be able to allow for both sidebars to be placed on either side of the content.

    Bharath, did you read my comment above about getting the style for this comment page?


  50. It seems like a couple of people inlcuding me are running into this problem: With WordPress 2.1 and the latest of 3k2 we get permission errors when we want to add a new category for example. This can be fixed when using the app-directory from a late nightly build of k2. But now we get only one sidebar in the sidebar modules page. Understand what I mean?

  51. Sorry guys, the last 3 weeks was so hectic for me. I cant find even to read comments. Sorry for that.

    Andrew: I will look into it and update in 2 days.

    Johannes: I am aware of the error and I will release the update in 2 days with the latest SVN release.

  52. Bharath. I too am a fan and a user of your theme. But I am having teh same problem as reported by Florin above… slow and many CPU outages argely because of teh js.slider.php file…. I have turned off ELA and do not use slider… and have removed most AJAX based plugins but still no relief… still on WP 2.0.1 and your last version….

    any suggestions… woudl appreciate any assistance.


  53. I just uploaded a new version for all those people having permissions problem. Nothing more changes included in this. So people having only permissions problem use this update. I will release a fresh new version with the latest SVN release after I check whats changed in the core K2. So keep checking for the latest release soon.

  54. I just installed the latest version and it appears that I am having sidebar issues with IE6. The second column is appearing much lower down the page.

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  56. I’m still getting the following error with this:

    WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘GROUP BY year(post_date), month(post_date), dayofmonth(post_date)’ at line 1]
    SELECT DISTINCT post_date FROM GROUP BY year(post_date), month(post_date), dayofmonth(post_date)

  57. [quote comment=”25424″]Hey, I did like you said, I edited the switch.css by adding this :

    #header {
    height: 200px;
    background: #fff url(’heaer3.png’) center center no-repeat;

    where, I uploaded the heaer3.png into the styles/switch folder. But it still isn’t working. Plus, I selected the “Asides” category for Asides, but I still don’t have a asides on the frontpage. :(.[/quote]

    Could you tell me how you did this?

    I edited the switch.css file and added the above code and uploaded the image file to switch folder but was not able to see the result.

    Do i need to change anything in K2 Options/Custom Header?

    Bharath Please Help. I love your theme and besides this, have no issues. Thank you

  58. Hi!

    I’m using latest 3k2 ( and WP 2.1.3 and have a big problem with ajax (adavanced) navigation.

    If I activated it I cant load my blog using IE7 because of page errors, it only loads the header and a litte more stuff at the top.

    So I must have deactivated the ajax features (and clearing browser cache) to load my blog from IE7 🙁

    Any fix for this??


  59. Hello, thank you very much for this theme!
    I changed the background for the right sidebar. And now I want to change the color of the headlines (I think “h2”) in the right sidebar (only). How can I do it?

  60. Hi there… i have upgraded to 3K2 recently and i loved it.. the only thing that i find tricky is the Sidebar New Entries and Comments Module comes with the feed.png icon and the icon is pointed to the default feed address (www.yourdomain.com/feed). I have been trying to change it to redirect any click to my feedburner address but failed. Could you please assist me on this? You assistance highly appreciated.

  61. This is a great WP theme. I plan on using this for our redesign. Thank you!

  62. hi there, i’ve downloaded the latest version v0.9.5.3 and uploaded to my hosting under /wp-content/theme, when i login and try to activate the theme, it has the error on the presentation saying that it has missing stylesheet and template. may i know what is the solution for that? thank you.