This is the frontpage of the 3 Column K2 theme based on K2 Wordpress theme. Here you can find all the release information and then download it.

K2 is an advanced template for WordPress developed by Michael Heilemann, Chris J Davis, Zeo, Steve Lam and Ben Sherratt. You can get the latest K2 theme from here. Make sure you visit the K2 Support Forum for all K2 releated support.

I decided to make a 3 column version using very little changes possible from the original. The result is the 3 Column K2 which you are currently watching on this blog. 3 Column K2 is just a basic switch from a 2 Column K2 to 3 Column K2. So grab it from here and follow the instructions below to activate the 3 column layout. Now you can see the current revision demo on this Page.

The current release..

The latest release is 3 Column K2 based on K2 SVN-316. It comes with complete Widgets and sidebar modules support. Warning: 3columnk2 is no longer compatible with Wordpress 2.0


Once you downloaded and uploaded the theme, activate it in the presentation tab. Then go to K2 options and select switch/switch.css option in the K2 scheme dropdown. Select update options and you are set.

Change Log

  • Updated with the latest SVN-316
  • Fixed permissions problem
  • Updated with the latest SVN-301
  • Fixed IE6 sidebars problem
Version 0.9.5 RC1
  • Updated with the latest SVN-288
Version 0.9.3
  • Updated with the latest SVN-250
Version 0.9.2
  • Updated with the latest SVN-198
Version 0.9.1
  • Updated with the K2 0.9.1 version
Version 0.9 (Revision Seven). The naming of the releases have been changed to match with the K2 releases.
  • Updated with the stable K2 0.9.
Revision Six
  • Just updated previous revision latets K2 SVN release.
  • Fixed IE bugs
Revision Five
  • Added Widgets Support.
Revision Four Update
  • Fixed css issues for sidebar div's
Revision Four
  • Updated for k2-Beta.2-revision-344.
  • Added Akismet Spam Count code into functions.php.
Reision three Update
  • The padding at the top of the sidebar in IE was fixed.
  • The placement of comment count in the sidebar’s latest comments was fixed.
  • The livesearch widh was fixed.
Revision three
  • Fixed page break in sidebar, updates done in switch.css, sidebar.php, page-archives.php.
Revision two
  • Fixed the IE sidebar problem .
  • Moved the feeds section on the 3rd column to top.
Revision one
  • Initial relase.