He’s the toughest guy out there and he is also the cleverest. He knows what to do and after years at Ferrari he has settled in, knows how to be consistent and has kept the team going forward step by step. Red Bull have technically caught up too, but all things considered I see Alonso as the most complete driver.

HTML5 specification for web developers

WHATWG HTML5 specification for web developers.

The focus of this specification is readability and ease of access. Unlike the full HTML specification, this “web developer edition” removes information that only browser vendors need know.

Making Cricket History

Sachin Tendulkar’s milestone of scoring first ever one day double century has made it to Times Top 10 Sports Moments of 2010.

A batsman of imagery and imagination

The youngest among India’s retreating golden generation of middle-order batsmen, he (VVS Laxman) could leave cricket without any monumental record. It does not matter. His will never be a career in numbers, anyway. He has always been a batsman of imagery and imagination. VVS Laxman’s records may easily be overtaken, but they cannot be replicated.