3 Column K2 0.9 Release

K2 0.9 Released, so 3 Column K2 was also released. It got all the features the original K2 comes with including sidebar modules. Its just a switch between original K2 and 3 Column K2. Many thanks to Nybble for pointing me towards the changes for enabling sidebar modules for 2 sidebars. I have removed some extra css I have added in my previous versions and I have written notes for all the css I have added, to make it easy for people to customize or change it to their liking. My last release was 3 Column K2 Revision Six, but this release was named version 0.9. why?. Micheal have posted on the K2 dev blog about the upcomming version numbers of the original K2 and I want to follow them as well.

Version Numbers

* 0.9: No bugs release. A stable release of K2 with no known bugs.
* 1.0: Final release. K2 working as advertised.
* 1.5: Next major release. Major new features are relegated to this.

So the next main release will be the final release of K2 and 3 Column K2 as well. I may release some updates based on svn releases in the mean time, but there wont be any changes to the version numbers. So, grab the 3 Column K2 0.9 and test it and leave your comments, if you find anything wrong. Please check the original k2 forums as well for any help regarding K2.

And regarding my current style, I will be releasing a series of 3 column k2 modifications or styles starting this week (may be today too) and when I finally got no more, I will release my current style on this blog. Ya, I am sorry, you still need to wait for my current style. But it wont be that long, I promise. 🙂

A stable K2 0.9 released

Finally the wait is over. The dev team of K2 lead by Michael Hielemann, released a long awaited stable release of K2, an advanced wordpress theme used by thousands of bloggers. They cleansed all the known bugs, therefore its a stable release. Congrats guys. I will be releasing my 3 Column K2 soon based on this stable release. In the mean time download K2 0.9, test it and discuss about it in the forums. Some useful k2 information for all the K2 users.

3 Column K2 on Sillyness Spelled Wrong Intentionally

Chris J Davis, one of the creators of K2 started showcasing some of the best styles (in his opinion) that are out there for K2 on his blog while he was working on the next version of sillyness. And guess what, currently his blog is sporting the 3 column K2 style and I am out of words. Thank You Chris for choosing mine. Keep checking his blog for the next couple of weeks to find out many styles that are available for K2.

Update on 3 Column K2 release 4

If you have already downloaded the release four, Please download it again as I have done some changes in the css and sidebar. It looks fine in both Firefox and Internet explorer now. The live search with rolling archives is not working in IE (atleast for me in IE 6) but works fine in FF. Thats one problem and I will also look into making widgets work with this 3 column K2 as soon as possible. So, please download the release four and let me know if you have any problems.

3 Column K2 Release 4

Ok it’s time to release the 3 Column K2 for one of the SVN releases (k2-Beta.2-revision-344). When you enable the widgets, the sidebar looks awfull. So, for now you wont be able to use sidebar widgets in this release. I will have a look in to that asap and release an update. This svn release of K2 got Rolling archives and Live search integrated in to rolling archives. I have included the Akismet Spam count code in to this release of K2. If u dont want to show it, You can remove it from the sidebar anytime or you can even customize it if you like it. Ok withouht much delay download it and upload to your theme directory as a new theme and leave your comments if you find anything wrong.

You have to upload this release as a new theme. Dont replace the files from this release into your existing theme.
Download 3 Column K2 (for k2-Beta.2-revision-344)
Revision Four
3 Column K2 – Zip file (for k2-Beta.2-revision-344)

Quick update

Finally, I think I am done with the 3 Column K2 style for one of the svn releases. I will leave it on my main blog while I try to get some sleep. Do leave comments if you find anything wrong and I will look into it when I woke up. And yes, I will release it after I clean up the css in the morning. Till then Good night all.

Note: I have included the Akismet Spam count in to K2. Now you dont need any plugin to display your spam count. You can find it on the sidebar on the home page and you can even replace the background image if u dont like mine or you can remove it completely if u dont want to show it.

1000 downloads and counting

When I checked my mint today morning I found that the 3 column K2 style downloads has crossed the 1000 mark. Yes, the Basic three column k2 style I released 2 weeks back has been downloaded 1022 times as of writing this post. While I am still working on a new layout for my blog, I will try to release the 3 column K2 style for one of the svn releases soon. Thanx for all the people who downloaded it.