Happy New Year, 2007

Happy New Year to everyone from Down Under. Have a Safe and Prosperous 2007.



Today is my birthday, yes I am getting old. The day started with a call from my parents and then messages, emails and calls from my friends. I spent most of the day relaxing, talking to my friends, checking greetings and watching movies. I am gonna finish the day having dinner with my friends.

3 Column K2 0.9 Release

K2 0.9 Released, so 3 Column K2 was also released. It got all the features the original K2 comes with including sidebar modules. Its just a switch between original K2 and 3 Column K2. Many thanks to Nybble for pointing me towards the changes for enabling sidebar modules for 2 sidebars. I have removed some extra css I have added in my previous versions and I have written notes for all the css I have added, to make it easy for people to customize or change it to their liking. My last release was 3 Column K2 Revision Six, but this release was named version 0.9. why?. Micheal have posted on the K2 dev blog about the upcomming version numbers of the original K2 and I want to follow them as well.

Version Numbers

* 0.9: No bugs release. A stable release of K2 with no known bugs.
* 1.0: Final release. K2 working as advertised.
* 1.5: Next major release. Major new features are relegated to this.

So the next main release will be the final release of K2 and 3 Column K2 as well. I may release some updates based on svn releases in the mean time, but there wont be any changes to the version numbers. So, grab the 3 Column K2 0.9 and test it and leave your comments, if you find anything wrong. Please check the original k2 forums as well for any help regarding K2.

And regarding my current style, I will be releasing a series of 3 column k2 modifications or styles starting this week (may be today too) and when I finally got no more, I will release my current style on this blog. Ya, I am sorry, you still need to wait for my current style. But it wont be that long, I promise. 🙂

Back to 3 Column

If you’re wondering where’s my new layout, I removed it for the time being and moved back to the 3 column k2. There’s still lot of work to do on it and I am not happy on how it looks right now. So, I am sorry for all the people who came to see that from the K2 forums.


The last weekend and all of this week has been horrible as i forgot to renew my domain – obharath.com. Now i am up with my new domain obharath.net. Have to wait 30 more days for my old domain to be back up. I missed blogging and re-design of my blog.

End of 2005

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Wî§H ¥öü åll Håþþ¥ & þ®ö§þË®öü§ ñËw ¥Ëå® – 2006!!

WordPress 2 & K2 Beta Two

I just updated my Blog with all new WordPress 2.0 and K2 beta Two. There’s lot of changes and improvements in both of them. So, i recommend everyone who is using WordPress and K2 , go and upgrade them. Enjoy

50 Posts

Currently the archives in my Blog are spanning 50 posts and 13 comments, contained within the meager confines of 33 categories. #.