GahooYoogle is an interesting site where you can use search and get the results from both Yahoo and Google side by side.

How To: Searching for Warez using Google China

This post is not about encouraging you to download unlicensed software or warez. Use at your own risk.

Finding pirated software is surprisingly easy with Google. Yes, we have astalavista to find the serial numbers and key generators, but it might take you a little more time to find the original setup files, and software that do not use serial numbers to validate the license.

Enter Google. Google China, to be specific.

It?s okay if you don?t read chinese. You just have to know some keywords to download any files successfully, with the success rate of as high as 100% according to this blog. This blog got all the instructions on how to do it. I dont think Google will allow to do this for long.

Google Talk

Google already offers everything from e-mail to social networking. Now the popular search engine is jumping in on another popular form of communication, Google Talk, Google’s new IM/VoIP app. The Google Talk web site has gone live and you can now download Google Talk for Windows. Download Squad has screenshots and a quick review of Google Talk. It’s still in BETA stage but it is cool. so all of u try it and enjoy.