How To: Reading Files From Windows Partition(NTFS) in Ubuntu Linux

How To: Reading Files From Windows Partition(NTFS) in Ubuntu Linux
The steps were as follows:

First open the root terminal. Then in Gnome you go to Applications->System Tools->Root Terminal

Once in the root account, you should run this command

# fdisk -l

If you’re not on the root account, precede each command with “sudo”, like this:

# sudo fdisk -l

The next step is to mount the hard drive (assuming that it is /dev/hda1) and put it in a directory:

# mkdir /media/windows
# mount /dev/hda1 /media/windows/ -t ntfs -o nls=utf8,umask=0222

# cd /media/windows
# ls

If you need to unmount the partition, do this:

# umount /media/windows/

If you have trouble with any of this, or a step was unclear, please comment.

How To: Increase your u/l and d/l ratio in torrent trackers

How to Increase your upload and download ratio in torrent trackers

The vulnerability has been tested on the torrent trackers that use the torrentbits source code (don’t know if it works on other trackers).
The idea of this vulnerability is that you will sniff your torrent info using the HTTP Analyzer and with Firefox you will update your stats to the tracker being identified as a client. This is a simple and short tutorial that shows you how to do it, if you are “more” advanced you can use other tools to do it.

Programs that you need:

HTTP Analyzer
Mozilla Firefox
User Agent Switcher Extension
And an bittorrent client.


1. Install the User Agent Switcher Extension (the extension will be used to identify as a bittorrent client to the tracker) to Mozilla Firefox (if you don’t have Firefox, get it!).

How To: Searching for Warez using Google China

This post is not about encouraging you to download unlicensed software or warez. Use at your own risk.

Finding pirated software is surprisingly easy with Google. Yes, we have astalavista to find the serial numbers and key generators, but it might take you a little more time to find the original setup files, and software that do not use serial numbers to validate the license.

Enter Google. Google China, to be specific.

It?s okay if you don?t read chinese. You just have to know some keywords to download any files successfully, with the success rate of as high as 100% according to this blog. This blog got all the instructions on how to do it. I dont think Google will allow to do this for long.

How To: Mp3 ripping in windows Media Player 8 in XP

To enable Mp3 ripping in windows Media Player 8 in Xp , you need to make small changes to the registry. Enter the following in the registry :


This corresponds to 56, 64, 128 and 192 Kbps.

You can change this to your liking using the following dword hex values :

320 Kbps = dword:0004e200
256 Kbps = dword:0003e800
224 Kbps = dword:00036b00
192 Kbps = dword:0002ee00
160 Kbps = dword:00027100
128 Kbps = dword:0001f400
112 Kbps = dword:0001b580
64 Kbps = dword:0000fa00
56 Kbps = dword:0000dac0

thats it enjoy 🙂

How To: Mount NTFS partitions for win XP, 2000 in Fc4

This is for all the newcomers who wants to mount those NTFS partitions in Linux. You must begin here and download according to your kernel.

These instructions are only for users of Fedora or RedHat kernels.

Which RPM

It is important to install exactly the same version of NTFS kernel module as the kernel you have installed. Below are some simple instructions to help you find the file you need. A quick way to find the version is to use the whichrpm script. Save the file and run it.

chmod 700 whichrpm