iPhone 3G mobile internet pricing on optus

List of cheapest Optus plans available based on Mobile Internet Data. Customers who connect their iPhone to an eligible Optus iPhone rate plan up until the end of August will get their first month of Mobile Internet Browsing for free.

iPhone Mobile Internet Data

All prices are in AUD. 1 AUD = 0.953934 USD.

But on Yes Plans you get less worth of calls and text compared to Yes Cap Plans.

Flock’s new home & 1st beta

Flock has released it’s first beta release of the Flock browser, aka Flock 0.7 finally. Lot of things changed since it’s first release and this Beta definetly looks great. Flock also got a redesign to it’s website, the first major project of extremely talented Bryan Veloso’s company. The new design utilizes many of flock’s defining features like the light shades of blue and their famous star. Check out the new feature tour on the front page of flock for more details. (more…)

Mission To Destroy IE

Calling themselves as political activists, a Massachusetts group has launched an effort to inveigle Internet Explorer users to switch to the Firefox Web browser.

In addition to talking up the strengths of Firefox, the site highlights a new Google AdSense program that offers $1 to online publishers for every referred netizen who downloads Firefox. The group identified itself as “four friends” on ExplorerDestroyer.com and said that Firefox is one of the most important software applications in the world as “it can play a big part in determining the future of the Web.”

According to the Firefox Four, the serendipitous announcement of Google’s Firefox referral program has set the stage for the open-source browser “to take back the Web.” .#.

How To: Byepass the Rapidshare data download limit

Rapidshare limits each user to a certain amount of downloading per day based on the users IP address. You can easily cheat rapidshare by showing a different IP address.

  1. Clear your browser cookies.
  2. Open the command prompt (Start – Run – cmd.exe)
  3. Run the following simple commands:
  4. ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

  5. Type exit to close the DOS window. Restart the rapidshare download job.

This trick may not work if your ISP has assigned you a static IP address.

If Rapidshare block your IP, change proxy

Rapidshare might block an IP from download for sometime. To byepass this restriction, change your IP. First obtain a IP and it’s port from publicproxyservers.com. Then use that IP and port in your browser Connection settings window. Click OK.

Also check How To: Crack RapidShare Wait Time Limit

How To: Crack RapidShare Wait Time Limit

RapidShare is a free file hosting service. As a normal user you will need to wait for few seconds before you can start downloading the file. But now, no more waiting. just follow the procedure below and Crack RapidShare Wait Limit.

  1. Load the RapidShare download link.
  2. Scroll to bottom of the page, click on the ‘Free’ button.
  3. Then scroll to the bottom of the page again, you will get a download waiting time countdown.
  4. Instead of waiting for it, paste ‘javascript:alert(c=0)’ into browser’s address bar, and press ‘Enter’.
  5. Then, you will get a dialog box, press the ‘OK’ button.
  6. You are done! You can start downloading immediately!

Update: If the above crack didnt work, try the second alternative below.

  1. Click the Free button to initiate the download for rapidshare website
  2. As the countdown timer begins, type the following URL in the location bar and press enter or click the Go button. The rapidshare direct download link should appear immediately.


The third option to byepass waiting time in Firefox is by using Greasmonkey extension and installing rapidshare.user.js script (rapidshare no wait). RapidLeecher is another PHP script for Rapidshare.de, Megaupload and MyTempDir services for immediate and simultaneous multiple downloads using proxy servers.

Also check How To: Byepass the Rapidshare data download limit

Mac OS X Security Challenge

The University of Wisconsin has launched a Mac OS X Security challenge, in response to a ‘woefully misleading ZDnet article’.

“Mac OS X is not invulnerable. It, like any other operating system, has security deficiencies in various aspects of the software. Some are technical in nature, and others lend themselves to social engineering trickery. However, the general architecture and design philosophy of Mac OS X, in addition to usage of open source components for most network-accessible services that receive intense peer scrutiny from the community, make Mac OS X a very secure operating system.” claims Dave Schroeder, the competition’s organiser.

Contestants who claim to have succeeded in hacking the system must provide details about how they breached the security walls, which will be provided to Apple. The winner gets a claim to fame, but no prize. This challenge will end on Fri 10 March 2006 10:00 AM CST. let’s see if anyone can do it.

Update: The testing period is now closed. (more…)

1and1 Scams

Just found that Dan Cameron had a horrible experience with 1and1 couple of months back. It happened to me also 6 months back with 1and1 and they charged me some xtra money even after i faxed the cancellation form after visiting cancel.1and1.com. I even lost my domain obharath.com after 1 year because of those stupid guys at 1and1. I too like Dan believe that they have done this purposefully. They dont even bother to reply me abt my domain but they send me emails asking Satisfied with our service?. HaHa , forget abt satisfaction, i strongly recommend users of 1and1 to cancel their services immediately. 1and1 is one of the the worst hosting companies.

Now i bought this new domain again. I run my blog on one of my friends servers and so far i didnt have any problems.

RIAA: Most P2P users aren’t even aware that files are able to be shared

The RIAA has been going around trying to villify P2P end users as “pirates” and “downloaders”,but on November 15, 2004, in testimony before the Federal Trade Commission, the RIAA admitted that most P2P end users whose files are in a “shared files folder” don’t even know that their files are in a shared files folder. According to “Recording Industry vs The People”,

As an initial matter, P2P software may, upon installation, automatically search a user’s entire hard drive for content. Files that users have no intention of sharing may end up being offered to the entire P2P network. Continued sharing of personal information is hard to avoid and is facilitated by confusing and complicated instructions for designating shared items. A study by Nathaniel S. Good and Aaron Krekelberg at HP Laboratories showed that “the majority of the users…were unable to tell what files they were sharing, and sometimes incorrectly assumed they were not sharing any files when in fact they were sharing all files on their hard drive. #.