3 Column K2

One more, yes one more update. As usual I updated 3ColumnK2 with the latest SVN release (SVN 301). And most importantly the sidebars problem in IE6 is worked out. Thanks to Chris and Scott for helping me out on this. Going through the comments on my previous release, I don’t see any major problems. But please report If you find anything weird and I will try my best to look in to that. Keep checking the K2 support forums for any K2 related help.

Warning: 3columnk2 is no longer compatible with WordPress 2.0

With revision 291, K2 no longer supports WordPress 2.0. We’ll judge demand for a bugfixed v0.9.5. If it’s wanted badly enough we’ll do a branched version of r290 and fix bugs on that for a v0.9.5 final, otherwise we’ll move directly into 1.0. Let us know. #.

Download it from 3ColumnK2 page. Njoy.

3 Column K2 0.9.5 Release candidate

Here you go, one more update to 3 Column K2. As I mentioned previously, I am going to name the releases based on K2 releases to avoid confusion. But this update is not based on K2 V0.9.5 RC1, instead I updated 3 Column K2 with the latest SVN release (SVN 288). So we are uptodate with the latest development of K2. I am still trying to figure out the IE6 problems as I don’t have access to IE6, but I think I have managed to fix the sidebar problems in IE6. So far everything looks fine but please let me know if you find anything wierd. I will be using the same RC1 on my blog for another week, so you can check my blog before downloading. Enjoy!

3 Column K2 0.9.3

I finished my exams yesterday and today here I am finishing an update for 3 Column K2. Its based on SVN-225 and as Andrew mentioned in the comments, it includes a solution to the Sidebar Modules problem most people are experiencing ( I am not able to reproduce this problem from my side so far ). It also has lot of changes all over since the last release (SVN-198), so I recommend everyone using 3 Column K2 0.9.2 to update to this version. You can get the latest release from the 3 Column K2 page which can be accessed from the menu in the header. Thanx everyone for patiently waiting on this release. Njoy.

And regarding long silence here, I am sorry for the lack of posts and updates in the past 2 months. I was bizy with my other work and I hope to post and release updates more frequently from now on.

10,000 downloads for 3 Column K2, w00t!

My 3 Column K2 WordPress theme passed 10,000 downloads yesterday and I am proud that so many people liked it as much I do. Thanks to every one who downloaded and used this theme, everyone who helped me to fix the bugs, everyone who waited patiently for my response to their comments, everybody who helped my fellow users when I am bizy with my work and university and last but not least to all K2 team for making such a great theme. I have been using K2 from the day it was released and its the best WordPress theme available IMO. 3 Column K2 was born from what I started as an experiment to learn and tweak WordPress and K2 theme.


The best moment in the whole process is ofcourse when Chris decided to showcase some of his personal favourite styles for K2 on sillyness and started with my 3 Column K2. Thanx Chris. And ofcourse I am still hoping that the 3 Column K2 will make it to WordPress.com soon. 😛

3 Column K2 0.9.2

First of all sorry to all my blog readers for the lack of posts for the past 2 months. I have been bizy with my job and uni as its end of my semester. Since my last release I have been getting lot of emails about the problem with sidebar modules. So I decided to update the 3 Column k2 with the latest svn release(198). The official release of K2 0.9.1 is based on svn-152. So, there will be lot of improvements over K2 0.9.1 and 3 Column K2 0.9.1. I hope this release will solve all the sidebar modules problems. So everyone update your 3 Column K2 to 3 Column K2 0.9.2. You can download it from 3 Column K2 page and view the current release on the demo site as well. And finally for all the K2 related issues visit the K2 forums.

3 Column K2 0.9.1

The dev team at K2 released an update to K2 0.9, so I updated the 3 Column K2 to 0.9.1 as the new K2 release (0.9.1) fixes a number of bugs and is a recommended upgrade. I have removed all the IE hacks I added in the previous release and modified the css, which I hope fixes all the issues we had in the previous release. For me this looks like the best 3 Column K2 release so far. So, go download it from the 3 Column K2 page and let me know if you still find anything wrong.

Windows Live writer, UTW and Tag4Writer

I came to know that many Mac users use either Ecto or Mars Edit as their desktop blogging client. My previous idea works in those clients too and infact from any blogging client. Now I want to show how to customize the existing tagging plugin, Tag4Writer for Windows Live Writer. Tag4Writer enables insertion of a list into a template for tags. By default it comes with various templates for Technorati, Delicious, Flickr, IceRocket, Buzznet, 43 things, Live Journal, but there’s no support for local tags in wordpress. We need to add our WordPress blog as a new template in the plugin and just add tags from the plugin interface. This idea is similar to my previous one of using Ultimate Tag Warrior’s embedded tags option.

  1. Go to Ultimate Tag Warrior options page and then check the box next to use embedded tags option.
  2. Go to the Windows Live Writer plugins folder and open the xml file (SmilingGoat.WindowsLiveWriter.TagTemplates.xml) in a text editor and add the following code just above the last line and save it. Give your own blog name and blog url in the following code.


  3. In Windows Live Writer, go to plugins section and open the options for Tag list generator. In the Template drop down box you can see your blog name that you have added in the xml file. Select it. Once you have selected your blog from the list, it remains same everytime.
  4. Now in the Tag list HTML Template section add the following code and close the plugin preferences.


  5. Write a post in Windows Live Writer and at the end of the post, click on Insert tags from the sidebar. Write your tags separated by commas and click on insert.
  6. Publish your post and Ultimate Tag Warrior adds those tags to your post automatically. That’s it.

When you try to edit this post after publishing, you can still see the tags you added, if you want to change them. Ok, I am able to add tags but how to pull the existing tags on my WordPress blog and how to get tag suggestions. If anyone got any ideas or solutions please share with me. I hope someone writes a plugin for UTW with all its features. Sorry for taking so long to post this guys. Happy Blogging…

Windows Live Writer and Ultimate Tag Warrior

Ten days back Microsoft shocked the blogging world with their wonderful desktop blogging application, Windows Live writer. You can go through some great reviews by some great bloggers in the blogosphere. As a Windows user, I too was playing with this for the past 10 days to customize it for WordPress and one thing I realized was it’s lack of support for tags. Windows Live Writer doesn’t have the support for tags by default but they have released an API by which you can extend the capabilities of Windows Live Writer.

I use Christine’s kickass Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin for tags on my blog. Infact my theme, K2 comes prepackaged with support for UTW. So, this goes to all the K2 users using Windows Live Writer too. David Brunelle wrote how to make these two killer applications work together based on some existing hacks. His hack involves editing WordPress xmlrpc.php to add Ultimate Tag Warrior functionality to Windows Live Writer and use its inbuilt keywords section to convert them to tags. This works, but I am not comfortable with the idea of editing any WordPress files. No offence to David here but there is a simple way for adding tags using Ultimate Tag Warrior and Windows Live Writer.

  1. Go to Ultimate Tag Warrior options page and then check the box next to use embedded tags option.
  2. Write a post in Windows Live Writer and at the end of the post just use the following format to add tags to your post.


    Here tag1, tag2, tag3 are the tags you want to add to the post you just created.

  3. Publish your post and Ultimate Tag Warrior adds those tags to your post automatically. That’s it.

No need of editing any WordPress files. When you try to edit this post after publishing, you can still see the tags you added, if you want to change them. This method for Ultimate Tag Warrior works from any blogging application. I know some people will ask me, why should I type some extra words like [tag]..[/tags], when David’s idea lets me just type in my tags in the keywords section. I got an answer for that too. It involves Timheuer’s Tag4Writer plugin for Windows Live Writer where you can just click on insert tags and enter your tags. I will write about it in my next post.

Note: Thanks to Christine for suggesting this idea.