Mac OS X Security Challenge

The University of Wisconsin has launched a Mac OS X Security challenge, in response to a ‘woefully misleading ZDnet article’.

“Mac OS X is not invulnerable. It, like any other operating system, has security deficiencies in various aspects of the software. Some are technical in nature, and others lend themselves to social engineering trickery. However, the general architecture and design philosophy of Mac OS X, in addition to usage of open source components for most network-accessible services that receive intense peer scrutiny from the community, make Mac OS X a very secure operating system.” claims Dave Schroeder, the competition’s organiser.

Contestants who claim to have succeeded in hacking the system must provide details about how they breached the security walls, which will be provided to Apple. The winner gets a claim to fame, but no prize. This challenge will end on Fri 10 March 2006 10:00 AM CST. let’s see if anyone can do it.

Update: The testing period is now closed. (more…)

Windows on New Intel Mac’s

What’s an Intel Chip doing in a Mac? A whole lot more than it’s ever done in a PC
Apple on Tuesday unveiled its first computers using Intel chips, which power most PCs using Windows.This could allow a person to load Windows onto a Mac computer, although the user would require some technical expertise to pull it off. That would allow a person to run both Microsoft and apple’s operating systems on the same Apple machine.