Extend Vista start menu search functionality with Start++

Start++ extends Vista’s already impressive start menu functionality with configurable key commands. Hit Win key and start typing like…

w apple – opens Apple’s Wikipedia page.
g apple – opens Google’s search page for Apple.
imdb cars – opens IMDb’s search page for movie Cars.

The list goes on. You can even search for music using keywords, then you can open the results in Media Player.

This method is faster than using Firefox and IE7’s inline search, which requires more steps to do some basic searches. Start++ is still in beta and expect some bugs to show up and its only for Vista. Check it out….

The Top 5 Best Bit Torrent search engine sites

As of August 3, 2005, the 5 Best Bit Torrent search engine sites are listed below.

1. The Pirate Bay
(This is a fresh and growing Torrent site out of Europe. The user following is also growing quickly as people discover this tremendous database.)

2. Isohunt.com
(Also a free Torrent site, Isohunt.com is fighting off the threat of an MPAA law suit. The site owner is a true libertarian, and is mounting a compelling defense against the MPAA. Read the details at the Isohunt home page. This is an outstanding Torrent site, and P2P users are cheering for its continued success and operations.)

3. Torrentspy.com
(Currently a free Torrent site, Torrentspy is also an outstanding site for overall size, speed, and user-friendliness.)

4. MiniNova.org
(Currently a free Torrent site, MiniNova is not a large database yet. But it is a clean and reliable interface with fast access and searching. With time, the membership and database here will grow.)

5. Bi-Torrent.com
(Also known as ?VIP Torrents?, Bi-Torrent.com is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)