How To: Make a Torrent with Azureus

We have seen articles on How To configure and setting up Azureus Bittorent client from Paul before. Now he has an article on How To: Make a Torrent with Azureus. Feel free to check it out.

This guide is a follow up to my series of Azureus articles that dealt with configuring and setting up the popular BitTorrent client. Now, I will discuss how you can share any file by creating and seeding a torrent. There are a number of reasons why using a torrent is more viable than simply serving the file yourself. Bandwidth costs will pretty much be eliminated as users individually serve pieces of the file themselves. Azureus will aid us in creating the torrent due to its compatibility with many different operating systems.

How To: Increase your u/l and d/l ratio in torrent trackers

How to Increase your upload and download ratio in torrent trackers

The vulnerability has been tested on the torrent trackers that use the torrentbits source code (don’t know if it works on other trackers).
The idea of this vulnerability is that you will sniff your torrent info using the HTTP Analyzer and with Firefox you will update your stats to the tracker being identified as a client. This is a simple and short tutorial that shows you how to do it, if you are “more” advanced you can use other tools to do it.

Programs that you need:

HTTP Analyzer
Mozilla Firefox
User Agent Switcher Extension
And an bittorrent client.


1. Install the User Agent Switcher Extension (the extension will be used to identify as a bittorrent client to the tracker) to Mozilla Firefox (if you don’t have Firefox, get it!).

The Top 5 Best Bit Torrent search engine sites

As of August 3, 2005, the 5 Best Bit Torrent search engine sites are listed below.

1. The Pirate Bay
(This is a fresh and growing Torrent site out of Europe. The user following is also growing quickly as people discover this tremendous database.)

(Also a free Torrent site, is fighting off the threat of an MPAA law suit. The site owner is a true libertarian, and is mounting a compelling defense against the MPAA. Read the details at the Isohunt home page. This is an outstanding Torrent site, and P2P users are cheering for its continued success and operations.)

(Currently a free Torrent site, Torrentspy is also an outstanding site for overall size, speed, and user-friendliness.)

(Currently a free Torrent site, MiniNova is not a large database yet. But it is a clean and reliable interface with fast access and searching. With time, the membership and database here will grow.)

(Also known as ?VIP Torrents?, is a free Torrent site with a spartan look and fast searching format.)