The State of the Word 2014

Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word — the annual talk where he provides insight of the last year of WordPress.

3 Column K2

One more, yes one more update. As usual I updated 3ColumnK2 with the latest SVN release (SVN 301). And most importantly the sidebars problem in IE6 is worked out. Thanks to Chris and Scott for helping me out on this. Going through the comments on my previous release, I don’t see any major problems. But please report If you find anything weird and I will try my best to look in to that. Keep checking the K2 support forums for any K2 related help.

Warning: 3columnk2 is no longer compatible with WordPress 2.0

With revision 291, K2 no longer supports WordPress 2.0. We’ll judge demand for a bugfixed v0.9.5. If it’s wanted badly enough we’ll do a branched version of r290 and fix bugs on that for a v0.9.5 final, otherwise we’ll move directly into 1.0. Let us know. #.

Download it from 3ColumnK2 page. Njoy.

3 Column K2 0.9.5 Release candidate

Here you go, one more update to 3 Column K2. As I mentioned previously, I am going to name the releases based on K2 releases to avoid confusion. But this update is not based on K2 V0.9.5 RC1, instead I updated 3 Column K2 with the latest SVN release (SVN 288). So we are uptodate with the latest development of K2. I am still trying to figure out the IE6 problems as I don’t have access to IE6, but I think I have managed to fix the sidebar problems in IE6. So far everything looks fine but please let me know if you find anything wierd. I will be using the same RC1 on my blog for another week, so you can check my blog before downloading. Enjoy!

3 Column K2 0.9.3

I finished my exams yesterday and today here I am finishing an update for 3 Column K2. Its based on SVN-225 and as Andrew mentioned in the comments, it includes a solution to the Sidebar Modules problem most people are experiencing ( I am not able to reproduce this problem from my side so far ). It also has lot of changes all over since the last release (SVN-198), so I recommend everyone using 3 Column K2 0.9.2 to update to this version. You can get the latest release from the 3 Column K2 page which can be accessed from the menu in the header. Thanx everyone for patiently waiting on this release. Njoy.

And regarding long silence here, I am sorry for the lack of posts and updates in the past 2 months. I was bizy with my other work and I hope to post and release updates more frequently from now on.

10,000 downloads for 3 Column K2, w00t!

My 3 Column K2 WordPress theme passed 10,000 downloads yesterday and I am proud that so many people liked it as much I do. Thanks to every one who downloaded and used this theme, everyone who helped me to fix the bugs, everyone who waited patiently for my response to their comments, everybody who helped my fellow users when I am bizy with my work and university and last but not least to all K2 team for making such a great theme. I have been using K2 from the day it was released and its the best WordPress theme available IMO. 3 Column K2 was born from what I started as an experiment to learn and tweak WordPress and K2 theme.


The best moment in the whole process is ofcourse when Chris decided to showcase some of his personal favourite styles for K2 on sillyness and started with my 3 Column K2. Thanx Chris. And ofcourse I am still hoping that the 3 Column K2 will make it to soon. 😛

3 Column K2 0.9.2

First of all sorry to all my blog readers for the lack of posts for the past 2 months. I have been bizy with my job and uni as its end of my semester. Since my last release I have been getting lot of emails about the problem with sidebar modules. So I decided to update the 3 Column k2 with the latest svn release(198). The official release of K2 0.9.1 is based on svn-152. So, there will be lot of improvements over K2 0.9.1 and 3 Column K2 0.9.1. I hope this release will solve all the sidebar modules problems. So everyone update your 3 Column K2 to 3 Column K2 0.9.2. You can download it from 3 Column K2 page and view the current release on the demo site as well. And finally for all the K2 related issues visit the K2 forums.